Website redesign to improve performance on all devices



Thanks to Jahia DX, MAAF was able to tailor its online presence for all types of devices and deliver enhanced customer experience through content pages that can be updated easily by non-technical staff.
Noëly Bonnifait, Organizational Officer, DSI MAAF



MAAF is a French insurance company created in 1950. It currently insures more than 3.8 million people in France and counts 5,800 employees. A part of the Covéa Group along with other insurance companies, the mutual group is France’s leading property and liability insurer. MAAF places the satisfaction of its customers at the heart of its corporate strategy. New consumption patterns and digital trends are driving the insurer to overhaul its approach with customers.



  • Upgrade its website with responsive technology in order to meet the needs of its customers
  • Fully rewrite the content sections of the site
  • New visual identity






+ 30k

unique visitors/month




managed pages





  • A website that meets all market requirements in terms of SEO and responsive design.
  • Fully autonomous teams who can publish content on the Intranet and Corporate sites. “We have designed specific modules with our technical team that allow me to create content autonomously.” Aurélie Reverier Tunes Arroyo Project Manager, MAAF Communication Department
  • Integrations : “The Jahia engine enables us to create components that are complex yet easy to use. Thanks to Jahia’s capabilities, we were able to set up content interactions with external applications.”
  • MAAF teams are now focusing on creating new options for a “wow” effect that engages consumers and offers strong potential for recommendations and virality.