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Our goal was to unify the look and feel of our websites by implementing them on a single platform. Actually, each of our local content managers was maintaining their own websites, so there was no brand consistency and the design wasn't modern. In the past, the websites were created by developers so we constantly had to ask IT to update any content. Indeed, we also wanted a solution that allowed us to update contents easily. Jahia fitted all of our needs, so we chose this solution.
Edmund Phua, AVP, Asia IT at SOMPO



SOMPO is a Japanese insurance company providing non-life property, casualty insurance and reinsurance with global presence in 28 countries and regions outside Japan. SOMPO had identified consistent corporate branding and overall digital presence to be a challenge to be tackled, which was why they started using the Jahia CMS in 2019. Jahia provides a solid foundation for growth, which now enables the customer to add new regional websites to the platform, enabling 6 different SOMPO group companies to execute on a consistent marketing strategy.



  • Implement a site factory to enable growth and allow local group companies to onboard the global platform easily
  • Enforce brand consistency across all SOMPO group companies
  • Empower content authors to easily create contents without the help from IT team
  • Switch from a content-only strategy to a DXP strategy where content personalization and analytics play a bigger role



regional websites




content editors





  • Unified platform: SOMPO now enforces strict brand consistency, including coherent UI/UX, while sharing a lot of contents across the group companies. Contents are translated into the target local languages by dedicated teams and made available globally. Group companies can always rely on their technical partners for maintenance and creation of new web components.
  • Multilingual/Multi-sites: Thanks to Jahia Solutions, the SOMPO Group has deployed 6 different websites, localized with relevant languages in these 5 markets: Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Hong Kong. They are currently onboarding Taiwan.
  • Quick implementation: The group has been able to benefit from a quick and smooth implementation with the help of their integrator and partner.
  • Content edition: 15 contributors manage the websites’ contents. They love the ability to rely on drag & drop and WYSIWYG to build web experiences for their visitors, without relying on IT for day-to-day content contribution.
  • Technical support: The Group acknowledges the efficiency of Jahia’s Support Team, and can rely on responsive and helpful experts when facing any issue.
  • Cloud Hosting: SOMPO leverages the AWS platform to host Jahia, allowing for a scalable and secure environment.