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Digital Experience (DXP) Software

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Open and extendable, Jahia provides a customer data driven content platform to grow your digital business through engaging customer experiences across your entire application ecosystem.

Harness the power of Jahia

With our Customer Data Platform (CDP) you're able to collect first-party customer data and events to power personalized, data-driven experiences for your customers — without having to replace your existing CMS.

Combining Data + Content together, our Digital Experience Platform (DXP) delivers true personalization and optimization, ensuring you can test, profile, evaluate, and improve your content using only the most up-to-date customer data.

Our Content Management System (CMS) brings your entire content ecosystem into one place, empowering you to deliver on-brand customer experiences that span all your digital channels.

Our collection of best-of-breed connectors help you expand your digital experience further, building in new functionality and interconnectivity that helps you create a Digital Experience Stack (DXS) that meets all of your needs.

Elevate content with customer data

Collect customer data and optimize your content for key audience segments and user personas.

Integrate your entire ecosystem

Get the most out of every application with a fully-customizable platform; through open APIs and pre-built connectors, Jahia unifies your entire ecosystem.

Increase user adoption

Make it simple for your authors, editors, collaborators and translators with a visually engaging and easy to use content interface.

Improve brand consistency

Facilitate a personalized, relevant customer journey across languages, sites, and devices to feed the lead funnel and drive revenue.

Meet our Jahiants

Technology That Meets Your Ability

With Jahia, you will deliver unparalleled digital experiences — with the flexibility to quickly evolve in the future.

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