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Connected to Salesforce We have just launched our Marketing Factory/SalesForce Connector

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The Jahia Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is the most comprehensive platform on the market.

What makes our DXP different? Jahia has a strong background in both portal and web content management (WCM). On top of its native integration capabilities, Jahia's DXP will help you build, deliver and personalize your customer experiences across all your channels faster than with any other solution.

Choosing Jahia DXP is choosing a vision and technologies that will support all your multi-channel projects.

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Because We Say What We Do and We Do What We Say

Digital transformation - with agility - is a must in today's highly competitive market. Customers now expect personalized access to what they want when they want it on any device - and for the technology to be invisible in meeting their needs. Your organization must be able to manage the entire experiential ecosystem for all users and be trusted by design to meet today’s business needs. 


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