Content and Media Manager

The No compromise Headless CMS that puts the customer in the center.

 Enables your team to create amazing digital experiences, personalized for the customer.

Don’t compromise on experiences

Using a Headless CMS doesn’t mean you should compromise on delivering a personalized digital experience.

Faster time to market

Your team can launch a new app or site, using modern JavaScript frameworks and don’t have to worry about using a monolithic CMS approach.

Flexibility to deliver content anywhere from anywhere

You have full flexibility to create, aggregate and manage content for any purpose, IoT, Apps, websites and voice.

Discover a new way to deliver personalized content

Jahia Content & Media Manager is a full blown Headless CMS that enables your organization to deliver personalized content in any channel and for any experience.

Easy management of content

You can create any content or media for any channel, everything from a single content chunk to a complex content structure, your needs will not outgrow Jahia Content & Media Manager.

Content can easily be managed by business users and content authors, Jahia Content & Media Manager also have content view, so you can see context of the content you are editing.


Personalize the digital experience

With Jahia Cloud, you get access to powerful testing and personalization, you can enable personalization that gets the right content in front of the right customer.

You have access to different personalization logic, from dynamic list segmentation, to real-time visitor profile scoring to personalization based on behavior – you are in control of which experience the customer should get – no compromises.


Your frontend developers will love it

If they can dream it, they can build it! There’s no limitation for how Jahia Content & Media Manager can empower headless experiences, they can use any tool to get the job done and easily connect with personalized content.

Modern frontend developers as well as the business, don’t want to be bound to monolithic paradigms, it’s a matter of selecting the best approach and eliminate barriers, this will help you launch faster and deploy more often without being bound to a single vendor.




Learn more about what headless experience is, the benefits and pitfalls with our Headless CMS document below.

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Modern architecture

Your frontend developers will love the architecture, build using GraphQL API, this allows them to pull and push any personalized content.

Customer data platform

Access to privacy-by-design and fully GDPR compatible Customer Data Platform (CDP), which helps you track visitor engagement and behavior.

Content Analytics

Build-it content analytics that helps your team analyze and optimize the digital experiences, based on what is working and what is not.


No-code needed personalization, easy access to enable powerful personalization that helps get the right content in front of the right customer at the right time.


Leverage and adapt your content to every channel. Easily publish content to multiple channels. Provide consistent experience on all your channels

Business user friendly

Easy and modern user interface, where business users, content authors and marketers can focus on content and experiences.

Content aggregation

Use Jahia’s powerful content aggregation capabilities to enrich or add additional content and deliver this via headless, Jahia-managed, or portal solutions.

Multi-site & Multi-language

You can manage content for multi-site and multi-language and streamline the content process and time to market.

Manage content and assets in any format

Text, images, videos and documents in any formats you have full flexibility to create, manage and deliver the right content in any format in any channel.

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