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Full-Stack Developer

Toronto, Canada

We are growing! Our team is looking for a passionate full-stack developer to join our team in Toronto.

Jahia started its life as a CMS platform, quite some time ago, and evolved since then into a digital experience platform (DXP) serving customers (such as Ben &Jerry’s, the European Parliament, Macom, Pole Emploi) who either provide a public platform serving millions of unique visitors per year or built an extensive intranet used by thousands of employees daily.

Our existing stack

We are a Java shop, and extensively use some of the Apache Foundation’s projects (we even donated one project, Apache Unomi). Our main product (Jahia) is a monolith* relying on OSGi to extend our feature-set through a wide set of applications and components (See Our backend exposes a GraphQL API, that can be used by our clients in the context of a Headless CMS, or to extend their existing sites through some of our components (such as Elasticsearch-backed text search). On the front-end, we currently use React, alongside a set of libraries and build tools (in no particular order) such as Apollo, react-router, yarn, webpack, …

At Jahia, we welcome change and innovation, nothing is set in stone, so you’ll get to join a team of passionate developers and share your ideas on the future of our stack with your peers..

We also love open-source (,, so you’ll also get a chance to contribute to the community.

*Microservices get all the attention those days, but are not the only relevant option for building large scale applications :).


Lead Front-end Developer

Toronto, Canada

We are growing! our team is looking for a passionate front-end developer lead/architect to be in charge of front-end components.

Working closely with our Head Architect you will be in charge of identifying strategic technical directions across all of Jahia’s front-end initiatives, defining the architecture of our new features, identifying areas of improvements for our existing codebase and ensuring our front-end stack remains at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field.
With a passion for sharing your knowledge and mentoring other developers, you'll also be hands-on and directly involved in the day-to-day delivery of our features (around 60% dev, 40% architecture/design).

Our existing stack
Although some of our codebase is still using GWT, all our new developments are in React. Our front-end communicates with our backend primarily through GraphQL, although we still have some ties to JSP in some of our products. At Jahia, we welcome change and innovation, nothing is set in stone, so you’ll get to actually play a key role in defining how the front-end stack will evolve. On the backend (since it’s always good to know) we are a Java Apache shop and use quite a few of their projects ( We also love open-source (,, so you’ll also get a chance to contribute to the community.


Lead Software QA

Toronto, Canada

We are growing! our team is looking for a passionate QA lead/architect to drive quality assurance initiatives across our product development teams.

Working closely with our Head Architect and delivery managers you will be in charge of identifying and implementing strategic technical and functional solutions across our entire product suite to ensure we ship highly qualitative software, both for our SaaS and for our on-prem customers. With a passion for sharing your knowledge and mentoring other QAs, you will also be hands-on designing and building our QA frameworks alongside the teams (around 60% hands-on, 40% architecture/design).

Our existing stack
We currently have a slightly disparate set of QA environments testing different components of our stack. Some of the tech we use include (in no particular order) Selenium, Bamboo, TeamCity, Jest, Puppeteer, BrowserStack. Our testing codebase is primarily built in Java and Javascript.

Engineering excellence and testing automation
At Jahia we recognize the value and expertise our QAs bring to the teams, we strive at automating our testing as much as possible, with the aim of maintaining high quality and accelerating our testing cycles (the faster our tests run, the sooner our releases can ship). As a Lead QA/QA Architect you will be responsible for defining testing strategies, methodologies and scope, deciding what to test, what to automate (or not), what tooling to use and how to incrementally and continuously improve our QA stack. And, of course, work alongside our QA engineers for implementing the above mentioned strategies.


UX / Ui Designer

Paris, France

We are currently seeking for a Ux / Ui Designer who would like an opportunity to work in a fast-paced, creative and challenging work environment.

You will join the Product Design team, building a Digital Experience Platform (CMS, Portal and personalization software).
On a daily basis, you’ll work with product managers, lead designer and developers to ship better software.



Technical Consultant

Paris, France (with frequent travel to France and potentially beyond)

The Customer Solutions team at Jahia works with our customers and partners to ensure the success of all projects involving our products. We work with a wide range of partners to provide industry leading solutions to our clients throughout the world.

We are looking for a consultant, preferably with a devops background and industry experience, to join our team. We are considering for the position seasoned technical consultants. The candidate must be comfortable working remotely with an international team and with customers throughout Europe and America.


Inside Sales Representative

Paris, France

Are you interested in transforming traditional business models’ upside down? Are you looking for the challenge of building something new? Simplifying complex and often failing Digital Transformation project?  Of having the responsibility and authority to take action? Our core values include: Simplicity, Get Things Done, Satisfy & Empower Clients, Go Above & Beyond, Innovate & Inspire and Work Hard Together.  With 70+ colleagues scattered across Paris, London, Toronto and Boston, Jahia has a start-up/international culture.  We are backed by proven technology, prominent VC, and boast a global network and the resources to seize the market opportunity.  Does Jahia sound like a place where you can thrive?

This role is a fantastic introduction in to software sales within a growing global business.