A consistent brand image with a centralized content management solution



The Jahia project is a success because all our subsidiaries have now adopted the platform. In addition to sharing the same technology platform, we have been able to improve the quality of our content and SEO. We are now working on much more sophisticated customer journeys using jExperience. The aim is to merge web profiles and customer data from our CRM in order to personalize our content.
Albert Brummer, E-Business Project Manager, Virbac



Virbac is a pharmaceutical company specializing in animal health for both pets and breeders. The company encompasses 4,900 employees across the world, with product sites in ten countries, sales subsidiaries in 33, and R&D spread out over five continents.



Up until the early 2010s, each of Virbac’s fifty or so worldwide subsidiaries had a local website managed by a local service provider, leading to significant inconsistencies in the online communication of the brand.

As a result, Virbac wanted to redesign its web presence around a single, centralized content management solution while granting subsidiaries some flexibility in their content production and strategy. In order to accomplish this, they would need a powerful web CMS to win over the subsidiaries’ support.













Virbac’s IT department evaluated a number of CMS solutions to find the right fit for them. “Jahia ranked well in terms of functionality, but what really impressed us was its ease of use for contributors,” said Albert Brummer, E-Business Project Manager at Virbac.

Working with Capgemini, a Jahia partner, Virbac went live with Jahia’s platform in 2013. The first websites on the new CMS were France, Poland and Australia. “These early deployments allowed us to validate the relevance of the web architecture and to ensure that there were no technical or language problems in the user interface.That initial success gave us the confidence that we would be able to accommodate the needs of all the other countries,”

Most importantly, though, 50 of Virbac’s 52 subsidiary websites have been deployed, with the remaining two currently being migrated! That means there are now anywhere from 100-150 total contributors into their website ecosystem.

High reliability and availability has also played a key part in keeping subsidiaries happy. Now that the sites are harmonized, the corporate marketing team has shifted to helping them with content production and adoption, which is easy to do with Jahia’s Local Site.