A customer-first website that scales with the company



We’re a culture of engineers, and engineers are very inquisitive – and skeptical too. We aim to be the leaders in our respective product lines, by making the best products for our customers and having the best support. To me, to represent Jahiants in our own industry, those are the characteristics we emulate.
Jessen Wehrwein, VP of Corporate Communications Macom



MACOM Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc., a leading supplier of semiconductor products with 1500 employees throughout North America, Europe and Asia. The company was going through a period of rapid change and entered its next stage of growth. Rebranding MACOM was a key part of that strategy.



  • MACOM needed a website reboot to help its rebrand stand out from its competition and support its new brand
  • Solution that is simpler to use and easier to stack-up
  • New customer-centric, content-rich website from scratch
  • Modern infrastructure that can adapt and grow with them
  • Integrated customer and partner portals
  • Help visitors quickly find components that meet their specifications
  • Stock availability feeds from partner websites so users can easily find where to purchase their selected components



increase in web traffic since launch




increase in intranet usage




billion semiconductor company





  • A fully-integrated platform with a reliable infrastructure and intuitive UI, meeting all requirements within nine months.
  • A new website, with an integrated customer portal, partner portal, and LiveHelpNow (customer service software).
  • An employee portal to simplify the user experience (launched within 7 months). It obtained a 70% increase of use and 90% satisfaction.
  • A scalable solution: “The integration and ease of use has been great. Really easy to do. And we’ve done a lot of integrations,” shared Wehrwein.
  • MACOM shifts its focus to SEO optimization, improving site conversions, and creating quality content. 
  • Plan to add more apps to their Digital Experience Stack (DXS) in future.