Switching from a Restrictive Publishing System to a Universally Accessible Platform



We wanted to provide our employees with a flexible and dynamic document management platform so they could easily publish content needed by our various departments. We gained momentum quickly, and the project attracted other CHIREC departments. We’re now producing and sharing thousands of documents with Jahia.
Nadja Vincze, IT Applications Manager, CHIREC



The CHIREC Hospital Group treats patients across all medical and surgical specialties, with the exception of heart surgery. CHIREC currently employs a staff of nearly 4000 between three hospital sites, four medical centers, and two clinics.



CHIREC’s piecemeal Intranet was ill-suited to managing and publishing a wide variety of documents. Some departments needed to communicate more, so an appropriate document platform had to be set up.

The goal was simple: provide all employees with a flexible and scalable solution that would enable them to publish their own content.












access per month





With Jahia’s CMS solution, all employees are now able to easily publish content. And while the solution was only initially implemented for certain medical specialties, others were soon won over by this new tool, to the point of attracting a significant number of CHIREC departments wanting to boost internal communications.

By empowering the various hospital teams, everyone is now free to enjoy an intuitive solution that is accessible to all. The user-friendly nature of the system makes it easy to train teams internally on how to use the platform. In addition to being able to communicate better, CHIREC can also control and customize the approval workflow for content created in Jahia. Consequently, all content is verified by a section leader
before publication.

The group has also created a module in Jahia for sharing the various department on-call lists with staff.