AG2R La Mondiale

Bring four websites together into a single portal



We have excellent feedback from users and great comments about the portal. We consider this project a complete success, with all objectives achieved.
Valérie Merceron, IT Systèmes Department



AG2R LA MONDIALE is a french leading provider of social protection and patrimonial protection, the Group protects 15 million of people (insurance + mandatory pension) and supports more than 500,000 companies. With over 8 million subscribers and beneficiaries, AG2R La Mondiale is the first healthcare group to support the needs of their subscribers all along their lives.



  • Streamline the group’s online presence by gathering it’s four sites into a single portal: a corporate site, a site for businesses, one for individuals and finally, one for professionals.
  • An intuitive contribution interface with an open architecture that relies on the most robust Open Source Java frameworks.



employees in France




subscribers and beneficiaries




received across all product lines





  • Creation of 4 websites linked to the main site
  1. The site for “individuals” that displays all products for individuals and pensioners.
  2. The site for “professionals” that displays products for craftsmen, retailers, independent professionals and very small businesses.
  3. The site for “businesses” that displays products for SMBs and large companies.
  4. The corporate site that introduces the group, its values and organization as well as its social activities.
  • Website design for AG2R la mondiale’s food industry division “Observatoire Prévention Santé de L’alimentaire” (food industry health prevention center) in two months: one of the seven largest projects initiated by the Food Industry Division of AG2R La Mondiale. Its aim is to prevent risks of work-related injuries and occupational diseases as well as everyday life accidents and illnesses, and also to contribute to the sharing of best practices in the food industry.
  • Content management: twenty contributors have been adding new contents to the portal and the dedicated sites with Jahia’s intuitive contribution interface, which allows for a smooth and secure workflow.
  • Patrimonial extranet: include several third-party applications (mashups).
  • Security and agility: “We have also chosen Jahia for the quality of their code and for their compliance with the standards and best practices recommended by the W3C.” Valérie Merceron / IT Systèmes Department