How Socomec implemented a site factory and a collaborative intranet



Socomec's objective was to make its products more visible on the web and internationally. It was a strong constraint since the website had to be adapted to different languages, depending on the subsidiaries and countries in which we are present. The Jahia solution was able to answer this problem thanks to its possibilities of management of multilingual sites, and this is the reason why we selected this technology.
Michael Kister, IT Web Manager



Founded in 1922, Socomec is an industrial group with more than 3,600 experts working in 28 subsidiaries around the world. The group provides control and safety services for low-voltage electrical networks to optimize its customers' energy performance. Prior to adopting the Jahia platform, the group was still heavily using paper catalogs for their service offering and therefore wanted to digitize to speed up processes and simplify their business.



  • Deploy multilingual country sites to increase brand visibility
  • Empower the local teams of the different subsidiaries
  • Make internal technologies more user-friendly and ergonomic
  • Improve internal communication
  • Be able to share content between different digital tools
  • Make content contributors more autonomous



country sites and mini-sites




users worldwide





  • The set up of a site factory that enabled the deployment of over 20 country sites and mini-sites based on a common structure. Content is then adapted by local contributors according to country standards and the products offered by the various subsidiaries.
  • Establishment of a collaborative intranet with between 1500 and 2000 users worldwide

- Enhancement and better management of the content on the initial document portal thanks to a Jahia overlay that allows a more ergonomic display

- Access to different information such as: the company directory, referencing of different business applications (HR, accounting)

- Deployment of a "News" section in which employees submit information that will be published following a validation workflow

- Implementation of "business communities" within the intranet where each team has its own space to animate its projects and operational activities through a Forum (using the Jahia module) or FAQ

- Customized development of an "Open library" that makes digital assets available on third-party solutions such as Salesforce via APIs. This content is managed internally in the document portal where contributors tag each asset so that it is only available on the desired platforms.

  • Creation of a mini supplier portal that provides access to applications that request their expertise/feedback on certain issues such as quality-related problems