Belambra Clubs

Creating various country websites and a customer portal 



We needed a tool that was very flexible, that allowed good integration between Content Management and business layers related to price calculations (...), that was sharp on multilingualism and allowed us to handle quite a large volume (...) That's why the integrators we consulted suggested Jahia.
Pierre Brahy, IT Director



Belambra Clubs is the n°1 vacation club in France bosting over 50 clubs.



  • Belambra was looking for a CMS that could easily create sites in several languages.
  • Their offer requires a lot of content and therefore a lot of web contribution.
  • Their websites represent one of their main acquisition channels; the company needed a platform that could handle the different traffic peaks.
  • They were also looking for a CMS that could integrate with the company's various business layers.
  • Some time after deploying the Jahia platform for its sites, they also needed to add a customer portal.



millions visits per year




different site versions





  • Multilingual site: With Jahia, Belambra was able to develop three versions of their site with a global site in English, a site for the French market and a site for the Belgian market. Jahia allows the sharing of content between the sites and thus the French and Belgian sites have common pages (e.g. club pages) while having other pages totally specific to the country or market (e.g. home page of the site).
  • Web contribution: The Belambra team has two full time web contributors working on Jahia to meet the large contribution needs. They can benefit from a flexible and easy to use tool with features such as the site tree structure that allows them to find the different contents quickly.
  • Volume: The Jahia platform is able to support the traffic peaks of the Belambra site, which can reach 70,000 visits per day and an annual traffic of 7 million visits.
  • Integration: The Jahia platform was able to integrate with the different business layers and aggregate external data such as prices, availability, partner contracts, etc. with Jahia content.
  • Customer portal: Not foreseen in the initial project, the portal was quickly implemented on Jahia. It allows customers to access their travel file, add additional services, find their invoices and other PDF documents as well as manage their preferences and profile.