Public Service of Wallonia

How the SPW transformed its website to a more modern and interconnected platform



With all the sites of the Walloon public service on the same platform, we have a real consistency in terms of brand image. What's more, the developments we make are shared and can be used by the different sites and services.
Julie Barbeaux , Communication Project Manager



The Department of Employment and Vocational Training of the Public Service of Wallonia implements an active employment policy in Wallonia by promoting job creations and fighting against social and professional exclusion.



  • Replace an non-intuitive website that did not take into account modern web standards
  • Implementation of a user-friendly CMS (Content Management System)
  • Be able to connect the site with a database and third-party applications



different languages




unified platform





  • Multilingual: Creation of a new, modern, multilingual (French, German and English) website. The teams were able to take advantage of translation functionalities allowing them to reuse content between sites and thus save contributors time.
  • Contribution: Contributors now have access to a stable and easy-to-use platform for which they do not need any technical knowledge.
  • Role management: Allocation of contribution rights adapted to each team member and their role.
  • Integration: The various third-party tools and applications used by the team, such as the Nostra database or an internal CRM-type application, were easily integrated into the site.
  • Unified platform: as the other websites of the Public Service of Wallonia are also on the same platform, this has made it possible to pool the various developments made so that they can be reused by other internal teams. This also contributes to the uniformity of the company’s digital design with the use of common templates.