Customer Data's Critical Impact on the DXP Landscape

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Customer data, digital experiences, personalization are just a few of the hottest topics today for marketers and technologists. Understanding how to successfully bridge the gap between these topics is critical for your business’ success and the ability to properly collect and use first-party customer data is foundational for your DXP.

Justin Sharaf, Jahia’s VP of Marketing presents alongside Forrester Senior Analyst, Joe Cicman to assess the importance of data as part of your DXP and discuss tangible ways to optimize DXP and data strategies to align with your business goals.

In this webinar we will discuss:
✓ Customer data management and customer analytics as part of your DXP
✓ The importance of first-party data and a Customer Data Platform (CDP) in your DXP
✓ The role of data automation in your DX stack
✓ Why a DXP is crucial for more complex projects like portals