A centralized website management with Jahia



Jahia is a mature and stable open source platform, the tools the vendor provides are both relevant and easy to implement. In its most recent version, it offers our webmasters a very good user experience, which contributed to a significant reduction in our webmastering costs.
Fabienne Quénec’Hdu, IT Engineering and Services Manager, CovéaTech, Covéa group



Covéa is the French leader in car insurance, home insurance and legal protection, and number two in business insurance. While Covéa was officially established on June 14th 2017, the group is actually composed of three older French insurance brands: MAAF, MMA and GMF. The group’s history therefore dates back to the roots of mutuality, with the birth of AMSO in 1819. With 23,000 employees worldwide, along with 11.5 million policyholders, the group has a presence in France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Spain.



The Covéa group offers a wide portfolio of insurance products for both individuals
and businesses, all in extremely competitive industries including car insurance, home insurance, and school insurance. As such, innovative customer experiences are paramount. That means they must be modern and fully integrated with legacy applications.

Additionally, Covéa must preserve the strong identity of its three brands - MMA, MAAF and GMF - all of which have their own distinctive positioning. Although Covéa has undertaken a strategy to pool its internal resources, each brand must retain its specific voice and identity, especially online.




mill annual visits on MMA




mill annual visits on MAAF




mill annual visits on GMF





The selection of the Covéa group’s web content management solution was based on the specifications drafted by the group’s Digital Factory. They were written to address the operational needs of all existing sites and the requirements of webmasters and contributors from all three brands.

Covéa currently manages four Jahia platforms - one at the group level and one for each brand. This translates to around ten webmasters for the Covéasite, plus three to four webmasters per brand and more than 20 contributors at the branch level. As a result, the developers of Covéa’s Digital Factory have created modules that allow brokers to contribute to their sites very easily.

“Thanks to Jahia’s new features, our group platform now provides a generic site to which our brand sites are connected. The functional modules are the same, but the functionalities delivered by Jahia allow us to effectively differentiate our brands. This approach was a strong selling point for us in favor of Jahia’s open source solution, and it convinced both our developers and webmasters.”