No-stress security

Satisfy legal requirements and build customer confidence with robust security features:
  • Add, remove or modify user roles and permissions across your global sites for total control and security.
  • Manage user access and authentication with Kerberos/CAS single sign-on (SSO), available out of the box.
  • Enable simpler, faster, cross-device authentication for visitors with OAuth social logins.
  • Automatically validate content against the accessibility guidelines and compliance rules you set.
  • With Jahia Cloud, scale capacity while complying with the highest industry standards in data security.
jcontent-render2-resize1920x1275.jpg (jContent - Global Content Management System connecting websites and portals in a centralized application.)

Agility’s built in

Let’s face it. With the rapid rate of change enterprises face, you need flexibility built in so you respond to changes fast. jContent’s flexible delivery system can be headless, traditional, or anything in-between:
  • Our headless option gives you and your marketing team the freedom to do your best work without constraint.
  • Enterprise-level content creation, localization, aggregation, and media management your internal customers will love. 
  • Our Native GraphQL API helps you build progressive web applications (PWA), campaign sites and native apps with ease.
  • Easily connect jContent to your enterprise technology platforms and apps with more than 250 out-of-the-box connectors and open APIs.

Jahia Progressive Web Application Demo

Heroics become a thing of the past

Develop, integrate and deploy jContent quickly with robust developer tools and Jahia Cloud.
  • Leverage Jahia Studio’s ready-to-use modules and templates or easily create any user experience.
  • Choose from more than 300 tried-and-tested, customizable components from our app store to speed development.
  • Integrate your web applications and enterprise data seamlessly with jContent to create a single content hub.
  • Launch on Jahia Cloud and have your new site up and running in a few clicks.

The scalable search you already know

Elasticsearch has a cult following for a reason… well, several reasons. And it’s natively integrated. 
  • A fully-integrated module, Elasticsearch enables federated and faceted search for all website visitors.
  • Start with out-of-the-box, frequently used system fields such as tags, keywords and content type.
  • Create your own custom components or modify existing facets with Jahia Studio.
  • Quickly improve results or promote specific pieces of content by changing their relevance score.
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"Leveraging Jahia’s multi-site, multi-language, cloud and mobile capabilities, along with Avantia’s sharp expertise on the platform ... Ben & Jerry’s has been the fastest digital rollout among Unilever brands."James Keyt, Director, Unilever
Try before you buy, and fall in lovejContent is awesome but don’t take our word for it. Download our trial Enterprise Edition for 30 days of fun. Or start a project immediately with the free Community Edition. We hope you’ll love it as much as our developer community does.
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