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Streamlining your business ecosystem and moving through a process of digital transformation is not easy - but you have worked with Jahia and made exactly that happen. Your success story can lead the way for other companies to see their possibilities and how to do it too. 

Additionally, your Jahia Customer Success Story benefits your company by expanding visibility about your company throughout our networks as well as being featured on our Customer Case Studies webpage and, possibly, other marketing initiatives.

Accordingly, we invite you to share your story of your company's experience with Jahia. (Please know that we will ask for your approval prior to publishing and submitting your case study to any external agencies.)

In the following form, you will find questions that will help gather the information needed to draft a narrative case study (see example) and, potentially, a press release and / or other opportunities as they present (such as an industry publication seeking a case study to feature).

It is recommended to share this form with three or four key people in your company. Each person can fill out this form separately; we will compile your answers into one response (so that each person’s responses are included). One of the reasons for doing so is that we typically find that quotes from individuals are a concise and powerful way to convey a deep experience quickly.

 This form will take 30 minutes to complete.

If you need any clarifications regarding the questions below, please contact: Anne de Forsan

The Jahia Marketing Team





The following terminology is currently, commonly used in our industry and it would be great to use these types of words and phrases while answering the questions below. (That is, of course, optional.)






This form will be divided into four sections:


  1. 1. Your profile

  2. 2. Your challenge & your results 

  3. 3. Your Jahia experience

  4. 4. The technical stats & numbers

Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your success story about working with Jahia! Your company's story has the power to inspire others to begin their journey with us. 



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