People and Passion: Driving Together for DX Performance


The art of possibility has become a tangible experience at JahiaX, where customers, Partners, thought leaders and staff have come together to explore how to design, develop and deliver exceptional customer experiences (CX). Whether a formal presentation or casual conversation over a meal, the focus is on innovation, privacy by design, practical implementation and, naturally, digital experience management technology.

Everyone is gathered here because CX and the personal touch are the top priority for digital leaders. Digital has transformed marketing from art to science and we are here to transform it again. The good news is that Jahia’s technology is the path to redesign relationships in a digital world.

The importance of intimacy is paramount. Everything in business can become a commodity - except CX, which is based on knowing your customer. Customers need to be fully understood; business comes from intimacy. The reality is that you will win or lose by the level of intimacy you have with your customers.

We at Jahia are here to solve two specific problems that, up until now, have been solved by adding more technology (which needs to be installed, maintained and updated, which creates an exponential problem of continuous investment). The CMOs are challenged with being flooded with technology and talking to a segment vs. an individual person.The CIO is challenged with having siloed systems and data (which also creates exponential problems). Jahia’s technology pioneers your integrated technology, unified customer journey and cohesive customer experience with an open platform that delivers trust and intimacy with your brand.

Mark Grannan, of Forrester Research Inc, shared the three E’s of CX: Effectiveness, Easy and Emotion(al) drive Customer Loyalty - Retention, Enrichment and Advocacy. CX drives customer loyalty when customers are free to shift business among competitors. Superior revenue growth requires free customers and clearly superior CX.

According to Elie Auvray, Jahia CEO, agility will come from one thing - the CMO and CIO partnering to lead the third wave of digital transformation. We are in the golden age of consumer insights with technology that gives precise data. The way you deal with your customer data will define you as a company.

Javier Calvino Lopez, from the European Parliament, shared that they are one of Jahia’s most loyal customers as a result of the range of projects that we have worked on together.

Those enterprises that can compress the cycle of innovation, based on data at every point of customer interaction, will win the race for digital mastery, said Kevin Cochrane, Jahia CMO. Further, he says that developers are the new marketers.

We are in the biggest wave of all - the peak of success - due to the availability of open source, big data infrastructure to gain insights into the people buying your products and services. The Internet of Things (Iot) IoT means we are persistently connected and brands collect new data continuously. As a result, there is a new consumer consciousness re: customer data and brand relationships.

Respect for consumer relationships is primary differentiator to build trusted relationships; the brands who do this successfully will be rewarded. Those that do not will be punished.

This digital disruption is about creating champions, making everyone a hero. Bringing human relationships that are data-informed will be a critical differentiator in business and will help you transform your brand relationships. This is the new CMO imperative.

Every brand action, every brand moment, should be exceptional CX. It is vital to empower each and every employee to know who your customer is in the moment and give them the tools to help. This the art of the possible.

Privacy needs to be built-in by design to establish trust with your customers. To lead the third wave of digital marketing, it’s all about agility and customer privacy. The more open you are, the more customers you will have and the happier they will be. Powerful marketing tools should not come at the cost of customer privacy.

Given the range of martech that many enterprises are using, your customer data is diffused. As a result, you need interoperability to successfully understand your full customer journey. Open source, open standards creates data privacy by design. We have been working on it for three years with two of the most trusted communities in the world, said Elie Auvray.

The only way for enterprises to lead the third wave is to take control of trust: it’s all about agility, privacy and, ultimately, people. Everything about Jahia’s platform is that it’s about choice to engage with people. Clement Egger previewed the latest features in Digital Experience Manager and Commerce Factory. A live demo demonstrated the versatility of various functionalities, including our latest feature - automated online privacy and cookie policy in multiple languages - as a result of our new partnership with At one point, doing time-based previews in our live demo got a round of applause!

It is important to note that Jahia’s technology is an integration play, not a product play. Accordingly, all features have been designed that way. Now, with Jahia Cloud, we can support even more by being a Platform as a Service (PaaS). With our subscription-based pricing model, the mission-critical environment is fully supported. This reduces risk, which reduces cost, but enterprises now have what is needed for agility in launching and maintaining projects.

Note: we are using all of our own recommended strategies (which have helped to triple Jahia in less than a year!).

Travis Warholic of Avantia, one of our esteemed Partners, shared about what they have learned with regard to practical implementation projects. The history of projects is extensive, having worked with Abercrombie & Fitch, Ben & Jerry's,, Delta Faucet, Phoenix, Vicor, Macom and the Space Telescope Science Institute. Travis shared that collaboration is key to success. Avantia's approach is to first understand a customer's business problem, then their content strategy, integrations and desired user experience. Critical success factors include: proper architecture for site requirements, integration with back office systems and third-party components, organizational alignment for content management, governance and on-going technical support and tuning. In summary: leverage the third wave with Jahia by differentiating, leading digital and knowing your customer.

Meanwhile, Amine Tazi presented the details of Jahia’s Partner Program. Our Partners are vital to the success of enterprise digital transformation. By understanding the win-win-win scenario of our Partner Program, as well as how highly regarded our 'inner circle' Partners are as a part of Jahia, it becomes clear as to how our future together is unfolding.

Altogether, the key message of the day is agility by design within the context of an organization’s unique business needs.

Lynn Scheurell