Marketing factory 1.7 : a sneak peek

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With the launch of Marketing Factory 1.7, we asked Romain Gauthier, Jahia Marketing Factory Product Owner some insights about the solution he designs with his team.

First question that comes to mind: It’s the second release of the product since jan 2017 - Did you have a precise release frequency in mind or does this release just come when it is ready ?

Releasing a major version is about delivering a set of features that make sense together and bring value to the marketers. That being said, Marketing Factory does bring value to a various array of fields such as websites, transactional and non-transactional ones, but also extranets.
Therefore, we work closely with our early users (banking, insurance, services and travel industries) to constantly check-proof our roadmap and gather feedback from the field that is invaluable. In doing so, we are regularly coming up with that meaningful set of features, that resolves in a new version of the product.
Our goal is to release 2 to 3 major versions per year, but using agile methodologies we also release minor versions frequently so that improvements can be delivered to our customers on a regular basis.

Great so, what’s up with version 1.7 of MF ?

The product roadmap closely follow and reflect our early users feedback. One of the main stake for our users is the ability to leverage their existing customer data, collected on any channel, to personalize the web experience. Marketing Factory 1.7 has been designed to deal with this challenge and much more.  

How does this translate into actionable tools in the solution ?

Extended action triggers

The new Marketing Factory “Rules” allow marketers to use any event (session start, login, goal reach, score in a given scoring plan) captured on the platform to trigger an action. It’s now possible for any integrator to build a new action and extend the product to integrate in real time with other marketing technology vendors.

Bidirectional Salesforce integration

Marketing Factory provides a Salesforce integration based on Rules which allow to create / update a lead in salesforce or update the Marketing Factory profile from a lead in Salesforce

Social login integration

Seamless and widely accepted by visitors, the social login integration allows for major enrichment of the visitors profiles in Marketing Factory, bringing de facto wider personalization and analytics options.

Forms-based experience improvements: data stored in a visitor’s profile can be taped-in to prefill forms and / or hide or show ad-hoc form fields.

Can you give us some sneak peeks about upcoming version? When would it be released, what would be its focus ?

Marketing Factory 1.8 will be released before the end of 2017 and provide the ability to track clicks on links and buttons on your website. Providing data to marketers on the performance of their call to action is key but MF will even go beyond these expectations.
In the meantime, Apache Unomi will also be enhanced to manage more complex customer profiles and help companies to be fully compliant with GDPR that is to come in May 2018.  

Romain Gauthier