Going headless – without losing the business head

November 5, 2018
Jahia Team

Going headless – without losing the business head

Don’t compromise the needs of the entire business.

There’s a lot of focus on creating headless experiences – and it also makes a lot of sense to take this path. In a nutshell, headless means you have full separation of content and presentation and can use any modern development tool or framework to create the presentation (the head).

This has a lot of benefits, e.g.:

You can use the right approach for your projects, e.g. you need an app? Then Use a modern JavaScript framework (like React) to build a progressive web application (PWA) with no restrains from existing technologies in place
Helps you as a business be fast to market
Helps the development team do more frequent releases, as development typical is faster, instead of trying to be compliant with monolithic paradigms or only rely on specialized developers.

With the rise of the frontend developer, who uses modern JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue or Angular, there’s a lot of focus to go headless and to select a headless CMS, which can provide content to the head.

Many first movers, led by IT initiatives, have taken a pure headless CMS approach and gone all headless – with the IT benefits it brings. However, for the business users and marketers, this hasn’t been a step forward, but more two steps behind, as pure headless CMS often are focused on the developer and their interface are built for developers and tech experts, compromising simpler interfaces focused on business users or marketers, who besides wanting to create content also want to make sure the content works and are optimized for different audiences.

With the release of Jahia Content & Media Manager, Jahia is proud to announce a unique hybrid approach, focused both on the developer/it, as well as business users and marketers.

Jahia Content & Media Manager makes it simple for business users, to create and manage content for any channel or interaction, this could be an app, a kiosk, point of sales or a campaign site build on a modern JavaScript framework. Marketers can ensure that it’s not just static content, but it’s headless experiences, using personalization and testing to optimize experiences, which all can be tracked.

Developers have same flexibility, as with any pure headless CMS, they can create any presentation they want in their preferred tool or framework and bringing the content and media from Jahia, using Jahia’s powerful API, build on GraphQL.

Jahia Content & Media Manager is a no compromises headless solution to create headless experiences.

By leveraging the rest of Jahia Cloud, customers also get access to world class content management, aggregation, workflow and customer data platform, designed privacy first and fully GDPR compatible. Customers can also use Jahia’s own delivery engine to create the presentation layer, which typical is a better fit for larger sites, portals and intranets.

Going headless has a lot of value but doesn’t mean you should compromise the need of the business, using Jahia Content & Media Manager, gives you the full solution with the benefits for the entire business.