Ease your authorization process with Oauth and social login

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What is social login ?

Social login is a form of single sign-on that leverage social networks services (Facebook, Google, Linkedin, ..) to authenticate your visitors to your website.

Utility of social login

Ease and secure the registration / login steps

Registration and authentication steps are an important concern for visitors browsing your website. Most of the time, they will have to create and remember a new login and password and the experience can even get worse when visitors are using their mobile : having to type in their password twice, switch to their email application to confirm their subscription. The complexity of this system often leads to a loss of potential visitors and customers.
Using a social login feature reduces registration and authentication to one click in the best scenario and makes the overall experience much easier.

Consolidate customers profiles across devices

By easing the login process, life becomes easier for the website editor as well : visitors click on a social login button instead of filling login forms each time they need to get connected. The additional benefit to authenticated users is the consolidation of visitors sessions cross devices and the gathering of more data on customers.

What is Oauth protocol in Jahia DX ?

Oauth provides a fluent and frictionless authorization system for Jahia 7.2 based websites.  Jahia DX is able to connect and interact with third party authorization servers that handle the needed data for a successful clearance . Users don’t need to go through a multistep process in order to register. When returning to the website, they are not anylonger required to remember a login / password.

Thus, Jahia DX improves the editor’s possibilities to create both a powerful and smooth user experience, key factor for success.

Benefits from Oauth social login with Jahia DX

  • Simple, faster and cross-device authentication on a Jahia DX based website
  • Prefill forms so that visitors can edit and correct their information if they need to, your visitors don’t start from the big empty form that you need them to fill to finish their order. The fields are already filled with the data from the social network.

Benefits from Oauth social login with Marketing Factory

  • Analyze your visitors behaviours : connection with their social network accounts enables the possibility to cross examine their interests and better understand what are their expectations,
  • Personalize the experience : you can also leverage all this data to personalize your website and get better conversion rates

Going further

Finally, you can also read a detailed documentation on Oauth integration into Jahia DX published on Jahia Academy, the online documentation platform of Jahia Solutions. The  modules are available on the Jahia App Store.

Romain Gauthier