Did you notice our logos ?

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Did you notice the logos of Jahia products have changed? Actually, we hope you've noticed it but it did not matter much to you. Here’s why.

Jahia’s software is in constant evolution. We anticipate the features that will become mandatory as well as we adapt our current solutions to the market’s needs and expectations. Over the years, we created a powerful java based, open source CMS solution that has been upgraded with a portal software. Digital Factory, enhanced by Portal Factory was a great answer to our customers’ needs back then.

From CMS to DX

On this base, we have now built a powerful digital experience platform. Portal software has merged with the CMS software, the whole has been enhanced with new features. This brand-new software has been given a new name, Jahia DX and a new logo. This software has been designed to be the core of your digital experience platform, the online tool that you need to optimize your relationship with your customers.

Extending the digital experience platform capabilities

New solutions have been created to enrich this software : Form Factory provides a powerful solution to create advanced forms. Combined with Marketing Factory, it helps you to gather meaningful customer data, data you need to understand your customers and create a powerful digital platform that answer to their needs. Our connectors and bridges to third party software provides a strong solution to have your digital experience platform interact with the software used by your company on a daily basis.

Added to Jahia DX, all these additional solutions form a sturdy open source software that can create and operate the digital experience platform you need.

Logos mirror the concepts

Our new logo reflects this evolution. Jahia DX, once alone has now become the core of Jahia’s answer to a DXP need and its new logo embodies this status. The logos of our additional solutions express their role. They are part of your digital experience platform but they have their own existence. The X is not complete, sign of the mandatory interaction with Jahia DX but each one has its own color.


As you see, Jahia software is a story of constant evolution and our design work on logos and software identity is a demonstration of this never-ending process.

Back to basis

So, yes we hope that you noticed the change of logos in Jahia’s software. Yet we hope you didn’t pay too much attention because this is not the important part of our job. We are not a design or a communication company, we are a tech company. The flat designed, basic color, simple symbols we use for our solutions as well as the additional modules available on our App Store platform manifest this evidence:

Our job is to create the best software that will help you build the digital experience platform you need.

Manuel Singeot