Personalize and optimize your websites from your content management interface. Thanks to Marketing Factory.

NEW! with version 1.10, get all analytics even from non Jahia-delivered sites.

From Data Collection to Advanced Personalization, Marketing Factory is an AB testing and personalization software seamlessly integrated with Jahia DX

What's new

Make your digital experiences matter – in any channel

Jahia Marketing Factory combines GDPR compliant customer data platform with personalization, A/B testing and analytics from any channel.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Collect and connect customer data and dynamic segmentation.


From quick wins to long wins in any channel, powered by Jahia or headless.

A/B Testing

Test any content or experience to optimize engagement and conversions.


Insights and performance for Jahia delivered sites and any third-party experience.

Make an impression that lasts

Smart Marketing starts with personalization and respect of customer data

Jahia Marketing Factory, let’s you start with applying quick win tactics and as your team gets more experience, you can apply more advanced personalization. Optimize your conversion rates with real time personalization and A/B testing thanks to Marketing Factory.

Find out more about Jahia's commitment to comply with GDPR with its privacy-by-design solutions.


Personalization approaches

Marketing Factory inherits from Jahia's openess DNA

Whether you are personalizing your website delivered by Jahia Cloud or a headless experience in an App, you’ll get a tool box of different approaches you can apply.

Five examples of personalization to get you started:

  • first time visitors vs. returning visitors
  • conversions or goals-based.
  • Location or geographies.
  • dynamic segments (e.g. combining multiple criteria’s and in real-time)
  • Use any data from the build-in Customer Data Platform… or from Salesforce.


Core part of YOUR DXP stack

Marketing Factory inherits from Jahia's openess DNA

With Jahia Marketing Factory, you get the essential components that can connect to your digital experience platform, you will be able to:

  • Collect implicit and explicit customer data, not compromising privacy or legislation
  • Collect analytics from Jahia powered sites and any third-party channels
  • Act in real time with personalized experiences and show what is most relevant for the customer
  • Test different experiences and not leave anything to chance, now you know what works and what doesn’t




Learn more about how Jahia Marketing factory, can help your team create relevant experiences that inspires.

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Product key strengths 

Customer Data Platform

Collect and connect customer implicit and explicit first party data, which can be used as customer integration hub and for personalization.


From easy quick win personalization to more advanced personalization, you have access to out of the box algorithms to provide relevant experiences.

Analytics & Data collection

Collect data and analytics insights on both Jahia based sites, as well as any third-party channel, like app, kiosk etc.

A/B testing

Use the A/B testing capabilities to test different experiences, anything from a content fragment to a page layout.

Headless experiences

Not just headless CMS but make it a headless experience by personalizing the content, which is used to power the delivery.

Build-in Analytics

Easy access to analytics insights, that can be used to understand performance and where to start optimizing.

Open API

Connect Jahia to any technology and data repository and make it part of YOUR DXP.

GDPR compliant

Don’t worry about GDPR legislation from a data collection POV, all customer data stored in Jahia is meeting the requirements of GDPR.

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