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Your customer should be the center of everything - systems, offers, content, messaging and more - so they can have a relevant experience with your company.


Customer Intelligence: Increase sales and marketing enablement for key personas via insights gained through organization-wide platform technology, actionable data and granular analysis of customer behaviors, patterns and preferences.


Through Personalization: Cultivate enjoyable experiences and have relevant, timely conversations with customers based on their behavioral patterns, personal interests and preferred points of connection (devices).


Buying Decisions: Filter users through selective criteria, from multiple channels, to invest time appropriately in cultivating high-potential prospects through personalized experiences to generate predictable returns.


With Agility: Disruption is the key to progress; agility is the solution to disruption by tailoring a User Experience Platform that streamlines internal operations while evolving with your customer’s journey through their lifespan with your brand.

Jahia's Marketing Factory

From Personal Experience to Predictable Relationships

Marketing Factory is essential for marketers who want real-time analytics and easy plug-and-play components to create web pages, campaigns, promotions and more without IT involvement. Marketing Factory users can create templates, assign user permissions and be confident of the stability of this Java-based, open source software.

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Progressive Customer Journeys

Deeply understand your customer’s wants and needs

It is a fact that people continuously evolve over the course of their lifetime; now you can have the technology that keeps up with them! Understand how your customers live, buy and engage with what they believe will make their lives better.

Marketing Factory gives you the tools you need to build out personas and profile data over time from multiple access points to focus on individual behaviors and interests so you can have a dynamic, relevant and unique relationship with each of your customers.

With a unified identity and progressive profiling, Marketing Factory shows you the right data for your audience, when and what they want to hear from you, and then facilitates conveying that as an offer or digital dialogue to help your prospect customers take the next step or action in context with your solution.


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Content to Commerce

Fill your pipeline with ideal prospect clients

Talking to the right people about the right thing in right timing is good marketing. Good marketing creates great experiences. Great experiences are highly personal and generate solid conversions - and that is what makes sales. There is a harmonious symphony that is created when all the systems work together.

As a marketer, you need to know what a good customer lead looks like and how to engage them with personally relevant content, depending on where they are in their buying journey. A deep understanding of visitor interests, accurate personas and progressive profiling over time reveals who you are talking to and what motivates them to take action. Beyond that, your pipeline needs to cull out optimal prospects from the rest so you know where to spend your resources in converting them.

That means you need to know who is NOT your ideal prospect so you can avoid wasting time and, instead, focus where it matters most - on the ‘high probability’ leads. Some call this the Pareto Principle - spending 80% of your time on the 20% most high-yield activities. We call it cleaning up your pipeline.

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Key Features

Built on Jahia’s core platform, Digital Experience Manager, Marketing Factory has been designed to centralize and leverage customer intelligence to enable personalized relationships.

Lead Management:

Track website visitors, including anonymous, to know which tactics bring the best leads so you can optimize your sales strategy. Individually nurture prospects. Pass only qualified leads to Sales.

Campaign Results:

Orchestrate campaign performance with clear insight. Sophisticated analysis using lifestyle choices builds targeted marketing automation for visitor engagement.

Measure & Optimize:

Great marketing measures and refines profile / lead / campaign information, asset views, internal keywords, etc. Optimize with A/B testing, data drill-down and multi-variant testing.

Landing Pages & Forms & DAM:

No IT skills needed to build landing pages or multi-conditioned forms with plug-and-play components. Digital Assets Management supports robust file administration.

Profiling & Nurturing:

Document visitor interactions to analyze the conversion process. Use built-in functionality to merge duplicate profiles. Solid profiling leads to personalized conversations.

Experience Hub:

Built for the average marketer, the user interface shows understandable data to create personalized content, offers and landing pages - without IT involvement.

1:1 Personalization:

Customers expect relevant communication; real-time data creates dynamic, contextual experiences to compel conversion. Rules can be set based on individual visitor context.

Efficient Content Marketing:

Align your content with customer interest and lifestyle indicators for greater relevance. Content in context is the glue for your customer relationships - be effective!

Agile Integration:

Leverage (vs. replace) existing infrastructure. Marketing Factory is scalable for big data and cost-effective marketing automation. Aggregate data from external providers easily.

Centralize And Leverage All Customer Data
To Have Relevant Conversations With Customers - Without IT Involvement!

Deep Data + Intelligent Analysis + Marketing Factory = Personalized Relationships

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