Optimize Conversion Rate.

From Data Collection to Advanced Personalization
Marketing Factory is an AB testing and personalization software seamlessly integrated with Jahia DX

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Wouldn't you like to optimize conversion rate on each channel?


Wouldn't you like to ensure a consistent message across all channels?


And what if you had the tool to actually reduce your time to market?


Wouldn't you like to reduce your dependence to IT and reduce the number of tools you use?

Optimize conversion rate, from data collection to advanced personalization

Marketing Factory is an AB testing and personalization software seamlessly integrated with Jahia DX

Marketing Factory

Optimize. Preview. Real Time.

Marketing Factory is essential for marketers who want to test, fine-tune and optimize the efficiency of their campaigns, landing pages and content. From a centralized interface, they can manage their entire optimization and personalization projects, evaluate them and gain more customers. And all this, without IT involvement.

Built on Jahia’s core platform, Digital Experience Manager, Marketing Factory has been designed to centralize and leverage visitors data to optimize the conversation rate of your websites.

Marketing Factory and Your Martech Stack

Marketing Factory inherits from Jahia's openess DNA

You may have invested in datamart, CRM or more recently DMP and already leverage a lot of data you collected from your visitors and customers. Based on a unique, modern and flexible architecture, Marketing Factory will be able to integrate in real time with any of your existing martech applications and related data.




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Product key strengths 


Powerful personalizations made easy. On 3 axes : socio-demographics, behavioural & context

A/B testing

Create / define your variants from any content, test, measure and optimize

Analytics & Goals

Drill down analytics, giving you smart and in depth insights on what’s working (or not) with your content

Social Login

“Login with Linkedin” button and fetch visitor’s social data to the profile

Content Leverage

Inherit from Jahia DX Features: content, multisite, multilingual, workflows, unified preview


From one single point, define personalized contents to any one of your channels.

Customer Data Platform

Keep your data home. Don't let a third party handle them for you


Form mapping and data collection for scoring, personalization, optimization and data analysis

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