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The Jahia Studio

Dynamically build any user experience.

Through a graphical user interface (GUI) fully consistent with the authoring interface, it is possible to build and rearrange templates, set the behavior, insert pre-defined content or widgets, and then deploy those templates in seconds to impact one, several or all your sites. In conjunction with the flexible modules mechanism, the Studio is a true User Experience builder.

Both technical and business teams collaborate to the user experience building process, while it is defined in the Studio. Burst iterations are more productive than waiting until the end of each development cycle to bring feedback and request changes (large or small). Controlling your CSS code and using your designer skills is also possible from anywhere without installing a complete integration environment: the Digital Experience Manager Studio is a complete browser-based tool.

The Private Appstore

Industrialize your development distribution.

One of the big benefits of having an open source model is the ability to share pre-coded modules to maximize return on investment over multiple projects. Streamline your development distribution with safe apps that do not risk corporate assets or mission-critical projects. 

Install new features and update modules with 1-click. Hot-deploy modules without downtime or server restart. Change once and rapidly deploy on one or multiple projects. Re-using code, templates and components means you invest, rather than spend, resources.

Download existing modules from the Jahia AppStore or create your own private modules for in-house development through your own AppStore.


Digital Experience Manager Backend

Developers, explore and tailor your User Experience Platform (UXP).

Manage your entire digital ecosystem to drive value through quality customer experience with your brand, foster internal collaboration and facilitate business growth with your User Experience Platform. Design and deliver quality digital experiences for customers and in-house users with agility, regardless of their location around the world.

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