Jahia Cloud

Jahia Cloud gives you the scale, capabilities and support to make the world your digital experience playground. Jahia Cloud is powered by AWS, Docker and Jelastic Container Orchestration technology.

Fast deployment and painless maintenance

  • Deploy or upgrade your site with a single click.
  • Elastic scaling gives you control to easily handle seasonality, special events, and other spikes, smoothly.
  • With self-service cloud management, automatic/manual scaling is in your hands – no team resources required.
  • Easily create new environments and websites and configure deployment through Jahia Cloud’s UI.

Reliable and secure

  • High dependability thanks to multi-region, fully redundant data and services allowing 99.9% SLA.
  • 24/7 support from Jahia and state-of-the-art monitoring with Datadog.
  • Fully automated backup and restore, plus platform upgrades with no downtime.
  • Our partners Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, give you the security you need, without the upfront expenses.

Jahia Cloud helps your digital experiences go higher.

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Jahia is API-first. Connect all your apps, systems and tools to craft your ideal DXS – so you can stack up to stand out. Our more than 250 connectors will help get you started.

Architecture overview

Jahia was built with open source, Java-based software to give you full control of your implementation. Flexible architecture helps companies with complex technical infrastructures and integration requirements bring together their disparate technologies seamlessly and quickly. Extreme modularity gives you market-leading agility and speed – for development, integrations, customization and deployment.

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Developer tools

Open source digital experience software built by developers, for developers. 

Jahia Studio. A dynamic Java-based visual experience builder with pre-built components, an intuitive graphical user interface, code editing capabilities, and other advanced features to help you develop better digital experiences faster.

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Jahia App Store. Speed up your development cycle with 300+ customizable modules and components from our public app store. You can also store the modules you’ve developed in your own private app store for easy reuse.

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Documentation. Design your own app with comprehensive developer documentation.

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Open source

Jahia has been using and contributing to many open source projects over the years. See what we’ve been doing to advance open standards, discover the technologies we’ve helped develop, and even learn how you can get involved with our projects. 

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“Customers looking for a foundational best-of-breed platform upon which to unify a range of DX-related initiatives would do well to consider Jahia.”

– Ars Logica

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Jahia ranks first overall for technical evaluation in Ars Logica’s independent analysis of the 16 most significant solutions in the WCM market.