Ars Logica: Analysis and Discussion of Top CMS/DXP Vendors

In this webinar, Tony White of Ars Logica and author of the Compass Guide to WCM Consolidated Vendor Scorecard, shares vendor findings, the process of evaluating vendors based on Technical criteria, and explanation of Jahia’s position as the top Technical platform in the market.  

In this session you’ll discover:

  • Current and future thinking of web content management (WCM) solutions

  • The importance of WCM technology for your Digital Experience strategy

  • Why technical requirements are vital in evaluating new vendors

  • The logic behind Ars Logica’s ranking of Jahia

  • Why Jahia performed so well when compared to other #1 technologies

  • How IT teams can easily and efficiently enable Marketers

  • Why Jahia is the right choice for technical WCM projects