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Content Edition

Jahia Content Edition gives you full access to our Enterprise Content Management System (CMS), jContent. jContent allows you to create, manage, and publish content on a global scale, and can be used for either traditional WCM or headless content delivery.

Starting at
USD 2000
Per month
  • Drag-and-Drop Content Creation & Editing

  • Multi-Site, Multi-Language Management

  • Content and Media Management

  • Translation & Compliance

  • Roles & Permissions

  • Portal Capabilities

  • User Directories and SSO

  • Omnichannel Delivery

  • Available On-Premises or Cloud

DXP Edition

Jahia DXP Edition is our full personalization and customer experience solution, enhanced by our CDP. Utilize the power of jExperience, Jahia’s DXP, by combining jContent + Customer Data to track, segment, and target your audience with engaging, personalized digital experiences.

Starting at
USD 3500
Per month
All of Content Edition, plus:
  • Seamless Multiexperience Personalization

  • Multivariate Testing and Optimization

  • Goal and Conversion Management

  • Full-View Analytics - including visitor activity streams

  • Seamless Integration With 400+ Apps & Solutions

  • Customer Data Collection and Management

  • Dynamic Audience Segmentation

  • Form Creation and Management

Looking for our community CMS solution?

Check out jContent Community Edition, our free-to-use version of jContent. Jahia has always believed in the power of community and open source projects.

Learn more about our commitment to the software community.

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