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Value-Added Solutions

Jahia's value-added solutions give customers,
system integrators and digital agencies the ability to extend their digital experience platform with already developed solutions or
to build their own applications.


Extend your digital experience platform

with solutions developed by Jahia

Form Factory

From form to finesse for 1:1 relationships, Form Factory helps build progressive relationships based on customer information and preferences.

You can build branded forms and monitor what they collect to build authentic relationships through complete customer profiles.

  • Progressive profiling
  • Brand consistency
  • Out-of-the-box features
  • Integrated reports & analytics
  • Multi-step, multi-language, multi-conditioned form creation

Portal Factory

Portal Factory meets the needs of the three main types of portals.

Portal Factory allows for the integration of legacy applications without having to modify them in any way, regardless of the original coding language. 

  • Leverage existing business applications
  • Build self-service dashboards
  • Workflows & tasks
  • Integration of external silos
  • Widgets & social gadgets

Workspace Factory

Workspace Factory’s feature scope has been designed to simplify everyday life for digital teams.

Collaboration, document sharing and editing, and content publication is efficient and  happens without the burden of learning a complex enterprise content management (ECM) solution.

  • Document management
  • Content publishing
  • Workflows & tasks
  • Collaborate & share
  • Email assimilation

Jahia Marketo Solution

Install one module to make use of the integration between Digital Experience Manager and Marketo.

The Jahia Marketo connector offers the following:

  • Mail creation and management
  • Forms integration
  • Munchkin code& RTP management
  • Manage digital assets 

Extend your digital experience platform

with apps and modules developed by the community


Jahia Appstore

Industrialize your development distribution through replicable, scalable, proven code. Jahia's Public App Store gives you access to modules provided by the community

Jahia brings cohesive tools that support dynamic development, leveraging written code and a powerhouse backend for the Digital Experience Manager platform.

  • Streamline your development distribution
  • Share pre-coded modules
  • Re-use code, templates and components
  • Hot-deploy modules
  • Change once and rapidly deploy on one or multiple projects


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