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2-way integration with Salesforce SalesCloud

Marketing Factory provides a bidirectional Salesforce integration which allows to create / update a lead in Salesforce or update the Marketing Factory profile of a contact or lead from Salesforce.

Analytics and goals

  • Most visited pages.
  • Internal searches.
  • External searches.
  • Referrers.
  • Custom goals to measure visits and conversions:
    • Landing Pages.
    • Funnels.
    • Form Submits.
    • Videos.
    • Downloads.
  • Performance analysis available for each optimization test, campaign and goal.
  • Quantitative analysis available for each optimization test, campaign and goal.

Optimization (AB Testing)

  • AZ testing on any content and pages.
  • Traffic allocation.
  • Promote the most successful version.
  • Quantitative analysis of conversions.
  • Define control variant.
  • Performance analysis, to understand which variant performed better by audience properties.


  • Personalize contents and full pages, in context
  • Personalize on behavioural attributes : page visits, forms filled, documents downloaded, videos watched, interests, device, referrer...
  • Personalize on demographic / explicit attributes. (thanks to forms or through integration).
  • Personalize on visitor’s location



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Form mapping and data collection

  • Collect and store forms activity.
  • Collect and store any form field value into the user profile.
  • Create new profile attributes on the fly.
  • Reuse collected data for scoring, personalization, optimization and data analysis.


  • Powerful conditions builder.
  • Inherit other segments, reuse lead scoring conditions.
  • Share segments across websites.
  • See detailed audience counts updated in real time.

Campaigns tracking

  • Track engaged visitors by landing page, referrer or url parameter.
  • Track converted visitors by page view, form fill, video launch or document download.
  • Add secondary goals.
  • Get clear conversion rates and ROI.

Scoring Plan

  • Define behavioural, demographics or mixed scoring plans.
  • Reuse any condition available in segmentation for scoring.
  • Modify a score for a profile.
  • Build your own integration when prospect reach threshold (Email implemented by default).

Visitor Profile

  • See all properties, goals and interests for each visitor.
  • See detailed information for each session.
  • Create new profile properties on the fly, without any technical assistance. (Dynamic data structure).

Privacy management

  •  Privacy management components for web integration.
  • Anonymize profile.
  • Stop collecting “my” browsing data (split personal profile and behavioural data).


  • Personalized Carousel.
  • Social login : “login with Linkedin / Facebook / Google +” button and fetch visitor’s social data to the profile


  • Set interest points on pages to automatically collect visitors interests.
  • Custom preview for any kind of personalization.
  • Define personas to ease the preview process.
  • Personalized content API to retrieve the right content for the current visitor from your web or mobile application.



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