Apache Unomi
the Open Source Customer Data Platform

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With an increasing speed, consumers demand a higher control over and protection of their personal data. As such, national, European (such as GDPR) and very soon global regulations are being inforced, aiming at fixing the way privacy should be handeled in order to restore trust between brands and consumers. With Marketing Factory and Apache Unomi, take the lead of trusted experiences : give your visitors control over their personal data and the way they want to share it.



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The Open source Customer Data Platform

Apache Unomi

As Marketing Factory Customer Data Platform, Apache Unomi is designed to manage customers, leads and visitors’ data and help personalize customers’ experiences, whether the vistor is known or anomynous.

Open source & standard-based

Apache Unomi is the reference implementation of the Context Server currently under a standardization process lead by the OASIS CXS TC. Apache Unomi is also under incubation at the Apache Foundation. By Working with these two organizations, Apache Unomi grants transparence in the data collection - both from the brand and the vistors' standpoint.

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