With the Jahia Cloud, You Simply Click and Go

Create your website and launch it with a single click.

Let's face the facts

Delivering a good digital experience is hard. Between developing engaging content, managing copious amounts of data, and piloting your customer's journey at every stage of the game, you are inundated with a countless number of tasks to ensure it all goes smoothly. Why add to those stresses with a resource-hungry platform?

Keep It Simple

Create the website, content, or experience you want to deliver and launch it with a single click. It's seriously that easy.

Delivery is quick and consistent, whether they are in California or Amsterdam

No databases to manage, no maintenance to oversee. You do your work, and we handle the rest

99.9% Availability

The Platform will be operational and available 24/7 at least 99.9% of the time in any calendar month, except for scheduled maintenance and upgrades.

24/7 Support Direct from Jahia

Get help anytime you need it through Jahia support forum, with staff available 24/7 to assist you with issues or questions.

Fully Automated Backend System

Our cloud solution saves you development cost and time by automating your backend system

Hosted On AWS

Working alongside Amazon's Web Services team, the Jahia Cloud is designed to give you the best Cloud experience possible, all without compromising the quality of your vision.



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