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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a  European regulation which will strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union. GDPR will be enforced in : 


What is GDPR?

Who’s concerned?
GDPR does not apply only to companies with more than 250 employees (but any company processing of personal data of EU residents. Only obligations to maintain a register is lighter on companies under 250 employees (see article 30 of GDPR).
Reminder : Compliancy to GDPR rests with organizations themselves and their Data Privacy Officer.
They are the sole ones to be accountable for the compliance to this new regulation.

Deadline: May 25, 2018 

  • Jahia Solutions at the ready to help you comply!

  • Data collection, storage and ownership: Controlling data collection, storage and ownership is essential to create, within your existing information system, the appropriate processes en route to GDPR compliance.


  • With Jahia solutions, when collecting data with Form Factory, whether you use only Digital Experience Manager (DX), or DX and Marketing Factory, you remain the sole owner of this data and control where it is stored.
  • It is therefore much easier for you to manage this data and apply compliant procedures to it.
  • Privacy Management: Marketing Factory provides out-of-the-box “privacy Management” components for web integration, allowing for Profile Anonymization. This feature meet the requirement of article 17 “ Right to erasure (right to be forgotten)”, as profile anonymization will delete any personal data from Marketing Factory  / Unomi, therefore set Apache Unomi as compliant
  • Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’) (Article 17) (cont’d) - the second part of the article relates to any “privacy any event” (right of access, right of rectification, right to be forgotten). This is covered by the Marketing Factory “Rules” to be shared with other applications
  • Right to rectification (Article 16): It is already possible to visitors from a DX-powered website to edit their personal data with the implementation of out-of-the-box form mapping and field prefill with personal data. Our development team is working to an even easier access with the creation of a reusable DX component for the page profile.
  • One step further the “Do not Track” browser instruction - This feature isn’t needed as part of the GDPR regulation, however, it is another out-of-the-box feature from Marketing Factory, allowing visitors from a DX-powered website to “block” the website from collecting their browsing data.
  • Our longstanding commitment to data privacy

  • Privacy-by-Design solutions: As an open source software vendor, Jahia’s DNA is naturally bent towards openness and transparency. This reflects in Jahia products, their architecture, design and development.
  • Standardization: This is why, together with enonic, we spearheaded a standardization initiative with the OASIS consortium in early 2015 to develop a standard that will enable the creation, management and delivery of personalized web and digital experiences. This initiative lead to the creation of the OASIS Context Server (CXS) Technical Committee (TC).
  •  “We applaud Jahia and Enonic for initiating this vital standardization project” Laurent Liscia, CEO of OASIS
  • Open source: As part of this OASIS technical committee, we produced a reference implementation of the standard that we call Unomi and contributed it to the Apache Software Foundation. Apache Unomi, the Open source Customer Data platform is currently under incubation at the Apache Foundation

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