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Aggregation done by an Application with Esigate

Leverage existing business applications

logo-esigate2-resize100x66.pngCompanies can now seamlessly expose their existing / legacy business applications within modern multi-channel web portal interfaces, thus securing former investments and reducing the time-to-market, and whatever the underlying application technologies (php, java, .Net, etc.).

Marketing teams can produce and publish content as fast and as regularly as their market requires, embedding data and enterprise applications into compelling and differentiating user experiences for their customers without being constrained by IT applications lifecycle.

This is a new non-intrusive integration for enterprise legacy applications: Digital Experience Manager allows for the integration of legacy applications without having to modify them in any way, regardless of the original language of development. 

Marketing teams can produce the content their market requires at the time it needs it, while IT teams can decide and plan to work on the application at their own pace, according to their resources, security and stability constraints. This server side integration has been built with the new open source framework Esigate, initiated by Smile and Capgemini, two leading system integrators, and to which Jahia is now a committer.


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