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The Jahia Private Appstore: Industrialize your development distribution with safe apps that do not put corporate assets and mission-critical projects at risk.

The Rise of Private App Stores
What is the point of developing a new great feature if all your projects cannot easily take advantage of it? What is the point of providing a new integration with your CRM, ERP or analytics for your customer portal if your other websites do not benefit from it? Once new developments are completed and / or new features available, deployment is traditionally a bottleneck for production teams and a source of stress and error. Moreover, Java environments are known to be reliable but complex. Digital Experience Manager turns this roadblock into a no-brainer.

Expose your library of components into a private app store

Each of your instance can be linked to one or several app stores. Administrators can browse those app stores and immediately see new and updated modules from the administration interfaces, then install or update those module in one single click.

All Digital Experience Manager instances are, by default, linked to the central App Store maintained by Jahia, simplifying the access to core modules and features.


Install new features and update modules in one click

Installing or upgrading a module is now as simple as one click. Administrators can deploy, undeploy, start or stop modules, activate them on one or several sites, in a slick, WYSIWYG interface. Multiple versions of a module can co-exist without conflicts (one started at a time) and downgrade to the previous version can be authorized if necessary.

Each Digital Experience Manager instance is, by default, connected to the central Jahia App Store with modules added regularly, but can also be connected to one or multiple private app stores that will host all your developments in a perfectly controlled fashion.

Forget server restarts, enter the age of hot deployment

Digital Experience Manager secures your deployments by introducing a major technical improvement: by leveraging OSGI, it is now possible to hot-deploy modules on your servers without restart, even when they contain Java classes. Modules packaged as OSGi bundles can declare services exposed to other modules, improving flexibility and modularity. Different versions of the same classes can securely co-exist in your system without any problem.


Change once, deploy everywhere in seconds

Templates can be modified on the fly and redeployed instantly on one or multiples websites, at the same time, saving lots of time and money. Updated templates will change the behavior or look and feel of your pages without losing content. Do you need to add a social network button in all your pages, have Google Maps snippets in front of each address or insert a legal disclaimer in all your forms? Digital Experience Manager Studio makes it possible with no pain and the App Store will streamline the deployment process of these critical evolutions as needed by the business.

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