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With Jahia's Private App Store, do not reinvent the wheel: industrialize your development distribution with safe apps that do not put corporate assets and mission-critical projects at risk. In addition, customize 300+ components available on the Jahia Public AppStore. Do not spend anymore - invest!

The Rise of Private App Stores
What is the point of developing a new great feature if all your projects cannot easily take advantage of it? What is the point of providing a new integration with your CRM, ERP or analytics for your customer portal if your other websites do not benefit from it? Once new developments are completed and / or new features available, deployment is traditionally a bottleneck for production teams and a source of stress and error. Moreover, Java environments are known to be reliable but complex. Digital Factory turns this roadblock into a no-brainer.


Reduce your TCO project after project

Your organization can significantly lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of building your digital presence by continuously enriching your library of Digital Experience Manager components and using our powerful multi-site capabilities. Re-using code, templates and components project after project augments your investments. Webmasters and functional users can then just pick "off the shelf" which features they would like to use in their portals, sites or digital applications.  


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