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Industrialize your multi-channel content delivery: in addition to the standard mobile capabilities, the Enterprise distribution brings advanced tools to strengthen your mission-critical mobile deployment and allow your content authors to work more efficiently for faster and more controlled mobile delivery.

Dynamically adapt your content to your mobile strategy

Not only the look and feel should be adapted to visitors' mobile devices, the content should be as well. Digital Experience Manager allows you to decide if a content or module should be displayed or not. Non-technical authors can replace a piece of content with another one with just a few clicks for a complete set of devices (all tablets, android mobile phones, iPads, etc.) or for a very specific device (i.e., the Galaxy S4). With Digital Experience Manager, you can maximize your website's impact by personalizing its user experience - or even delivering alternative content - based on the users' device.

In-context multi-channel authoring

Offer the best authoring experience for your content workers on any device.

Unlike competition, the Digital Experience Manager platform combines multi-channel preview capabilities with in-context multi-channel authoring: your web site contributors are able to work on the REAL rendering of their mobile project while editing content, thus experiencing what users will see on their own devices.

Controlled multi-channel delivery

Offer the best browsing experience for your websites on any device. Digital Experience Manager uses Responsive Web Design (RWD) to distribute tailored content and layout to smartphones, tablets, desktops, notebooks or any other device and supports different screen sizes.

Develop audience loyalty by pushing or repurposing your content to relevant communication channels: social networks, RSS feeds, server-to-server, newsletters, emails, etc.

Mobile Native

A native mobile app is a smartphone application that is coded in a specific programming language, such as Objective C for iOS and Java for Android operating systems. Native mobile apps provide fast performance, a high degree of reliability and can take advantage of the latest technology available on mobile devices. Digital Experience Manager offers you this design capability to benefit your customers.

Offer the best browsing experience for your websites on any device or channel. The Digital Experience Manager platform uses browser detection to deliver content anywhere, and uses responsive design to distribute content and layout to smartphones, tablets, desktops or notebooks for any screen size. Digital Experience Manager also features advanced multi-channel customization capabilities (see above). With Jahia Digital Experience Manager, marketing departments can develop audience loyalty by pushing content not only to any mobile devices but also to additional communication channels: social networks, RSS feeds, server-to-server, newsletters, emails, etc.


Screen size and device detection

Publish your content on any device (mobile, smartphone, tablets, etc.) as simply as you would on a desktop browser. Without programming and with just a few clicks, the new paradigm provided by Jahia's Digital Experience Manager allows authors to manage the rendering of content for any type of mobile device with our high-definition emulators.

Digital Experience Manager integrates a channel detection mechanism that allows to manage all kind of rendering devices. Today is all about tablets and smartphones but connected TV, wearable tech and augmented reality glasses are coming. The channel engine is flexible enough to be extended at any time with new device capabilities and serve the right content, in the right format, to the right platform.

Native apps

Develop interactive, content-rich HTML-based mobile applications, or even optimized native apps for iOS or Android. Thanks to the Digital Experience Manager platform's flexible REST API, developers can directly use content stored in Digital Experience Manager within their applications and create an advanced mobile experience with users. Hand-held devices are often very personal so having a mobile companion application to your website can help with increasing customer loyalty.


Adaptive layout and responsive design

Digital Experience Manager does not enforce any specific hard-coded HTML for you and is fully compatible with responsive design. Use full-custom HTML or CSS frameworks like Grid960 or Bootstrap - it is up to you! 

Your designers can also use others' frameworks and even gives the ability to editors of not only adding content into pages but also of controlling page layout with columns and rows by using simple plug-and-play components.

Mobile previews

Instantly preview your pages with the mobile layout and design applied with our built-in simulators. Previews work for a class of device (desktop, tablets, mobiles, etc.) or a particular device (for instance, an iPad 5) in portrait and landscape formats. You can then verify if everything is correctly rendered and optimized for a superior mobile user experience.


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