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As one of our large customers puts it: "There are very few things you CAN'T do with Digital Experience Manager". Yet you may need, in the context of an RFP for instance, the following, non-exhaustive CMS feature list of Digital Experience Manager. Please contact us at for more information.

  Digital Experience Manager
Content Management  
Browser-based content editing yes
Word-like editor for rich texts yes
Multi-lingual content yes
Multi-sites management yes
Dynamic navigation yes
Unstructured content yes
Structured content yes
Clean paste from Microsoft® Word yes
Template Builder yes
Drag & Drop page modeling yes
Manage Flash and Office Media files yes
Right-to-Left language support yes
Versioning yes
Scheduled publishing yes
Dynamic sitemap yes
Advanced Publishing & Syndication System yes
Search Engine (incl. Search in documents) yes
Content sharing yes
Rich text WAI validation yes
Default publication workflow yes
Form Builder yes
Side-by-side translation UI yes
External links checker yes
Automated internal links management yes
Interface Localization and Customization yes
Custom workflows yes
Internal Files Manager yes
Crop images yes
Resize images yes
Videos yes
Movies yes
Office files yes
Thumbnailing yes
Automatic metadata extraction on files yes
Automatic indexing of text based files (Word, Pdf, Excel, HTML, etc.) yes
Documents transformation yes
Built-In Content Types  
Text yes
Rich text yes
Links yes
Images yes
Videos yes
Documents yes
Lists yes
Articles yes
Events yes
Press Releases yes
People yes
Organizations yes
Publications yes
Contact form yes
Blogs yes
News yes
Wiki yes
Tasks yes
Comments yes
Job descriptions yes
Teasers yes
Engagement and Web Marketing Widgets  
Sliders yes
Image gallery yes
Google maps yes
Tag cloud yes
Polls yes
Comments yes
Form builder yes
Rating yes
Custom form building yes
Comments yes
Notification engine yes
Rules engine yes
Newsletters Free module
Personalized newsletters Free module
Geolocation and maps integration Free module
Online document viewer Free module
Taxonomies, Content Organization, Search  
Tags yes
Categories (controlled taxonomies) yes
Tree-based content oranization yes
Facets yes
Metadatas (DublinCore) yes
Extensible metadatas yes
Did you mean yes
Text and documents automated indexing yes
Built in free-text serch coupled with permissions yes
SQL2 Queries yes
Xpath Queries yes
Security and Permissions  
Browser-based administration yes
Permissions on each content item yes
Permissions for software UI components yes
Permissions inheritance yes
Built-in roles yes
Users management yes
Group management yes
Single sign-on yes
CAS yes
Custom password policies yes
Database users directory yes
Internal Digital Experience Manager directory yes
Spam protection: captcha yes
Security tokens yes
Pluggable authentication and users providers yes
Spam protection: Akismet analyzer Free module
LDAP directories yes
Multiple LDAP Directories yes
Windows Active Directory yes
Advanced roles and permissions management yes
Drag & Drop layout building yes
Dynamic templates yes
Themes for Style Management yes
CSS frameworks compatibility yes
Full handmade HTML compatibility yes
Bootstrap / less.js comptaibility yes
Grid 960gs compatibility yes
Online CSS editing yes
Clean URLs yes
Vanity and canonical URLs yes
Header HTML metadata tags yes
Automated sitemap.xml yes
Robots.txt management Free module
Mobile and Multi-Device  
Mobile emulated preview yes
Responsive web design yes
Device detection yes
Compatible with native apps yes
Direct editing in mobile view yes
WURFL engine yes
Mobile content include/exclude yes
Social, Sharing, Data Exchange  
RSS feeds yes
Twitter widgets yes
RSS / Atom syndication yes
Users activities yes
Social sharing buttons Free module
Facebook integration Free module
Facebook pages management Free module
Extensibility and Content Manipulation  
Custom servlets yes
Macros yes
Filters yes
Rules engine (Jboss Drools) yes
Custom Java actions yes
Message routing and transformation yes
Macros yes
XML content export yes
XML content import yes
Multi-scripting (Jsp,Freemarker, Velocity, Groovy, etc.) yes
Low-Level Services  
Content storage and retrieving yes
Indexation services yes
Search services yes
Multiscripting support yes
Workflow (JBPM) service yes
Notification services yes
Background jobs services (Quartz) yes
Standalone server yes
Optimized caching for authenticated users/groups yes
Embedded caching by expiration yes
Embedded caching by invalidation yes
Cluster support yes
Support for load-balanced environments yes
Enterprise installer yes
LDAP / Active Directory support yes
Optimized caching for guest anonymous users yes
Distance server publication yes
Multi-channel advanced tools yes
Advanced stack support (Websphere, Oracle, etc.) Paid extension


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