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Digital Assets Management

Take control of your digital assets with Digital Experience Manager's powerful media libraries.

Documents and images library

Digital Experience Manager provides a robust DAM out-of-the-box, fullly integrated with the CMS. Manage any type of documents and files and secure their access with tailored permissions. Browse media as lists or galleries with thumbnails. Search file names and content as well. Reorganize your library using plug-and-play components to move files or complete folder structures within seconds. Apply tags or categories to your files for automated retrieving. 

Online image editor

With the document management tools embedded in Digital Experience Manager, authors can directly duplicate files, rename them, but also create thumbnails, crop, rotate or resize images if necessary without having to do that tedious work on their desktop (or worse, waiting for a graphic designer to do so). No need to download or upload anything, everything can be done online - instantly.

Automated thumbnails

As soon as you upload an image, Digital Experience Manager creates multiple thumbnails that can be used for various situations, removing the pain of creating multiple image versions in multiple sizes. The maximum amount and size of thumbnails can be configured to match your projects and design requirements which saves you time, optimizes storage and makes your daily work easier.

Links integrity

When you use a file or an image in a page or even reference within a rich text, the Digital Experience Manager platform silently ensures the links are not broken, even if the file has been renamed or has moved. Thanks to this automated and transparent link management, you can work as a team with total confidence. If the original file is modified by authorized users, this will automatically updates all locations where the file is used. No need to republish pages, reselect the newest version manually and so on. Having such a powerful digital assets management (DAM) support inside Digital Experience Manager brings major and immediate productivity benefits to all your projects. 

Extensibility without limits

Digital Experience Manager is a very flexible platform. If the default configurations or features of the embedded digital assets manager (DAM) do not match your needs, you can customize it to match with your exact requirements. Using rules, your developers can effortlessly tailor the platform to implement the automated tasks you need, such as document transformation (convert word files to pdf for instance), duplication, archiving, copyrighting, etc.

The DAM Rules module, available in the Private App Store, is a very good example of what can be achieved at a very low cost and with minimum training requirements to customize exactly as is needed.



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