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Ultra-simple content editing turns your content authors into powerful website editors

With its intuitive, plug-and-play-based interface, Digital Experience Manager requires no coding or IT skills to create or update any kind of rich content online, keeping your technical training costs to a minimum and your teams focused on your core business


Control your design and brand

Templates allow webmasters to build pre-defined page models that authors can use to create pages. Every aspect of the look and feel can be precisely controlled and enforced to guarantee a perfect branding.

The level of freedom left to authors is completely customizable, depending on your needs and on the skills of your digital workforce.  

Drag-and-drop page building

Creating pages and adding content has never been so easy. Right-click on a page in the sitemap tree to add a subpage, choose a template, give a name to the page and start adding content to it.

Each page features pre-defined areas where users can drag-and-drop components, add content, images, files, videos or interactive features. Even the page layout can be customized easily by adding rows and columns.

Intuitive in-context editing

Simply navigate to the page you wish to edit and double-click any content in the page to launch the editor.

With similar editing principles for every content item, your updates are fast and efficient. The editing forms provides built-in and custom controls for each field, including a MiniWord-like editor based on CK Editor for rich-text fields, keeping styles from Microsoft Word copy-and-paste.

The powerful Live Preview lets you simulate instantly the rendering of the site and all its pages by channel, user and date.

Built-in content types and features

Digital Experience Manager is bundled with dozens of components and widgets that can be inserted into templates or pages. Within seconds, you create news, articles, wikis, press releases, and much more. Make your web content rich and interactive, adding pre-defined forms, maps, polls, ratings, etc.
The built-in components can be fully customized with different layouts, extra fields, etc. to suit your most demanding or specific needs.


By default, Digital Experience Manager generates clean, SEO-friendly URLs based on the content name, such as

In addition, Digital Experience Manager gives you full control on the URLs for every page or content item, allowing you to customize them and create as many as you need. Digital Experience Manager also offers Google-compatible HTTP 301 permanent redirects and localizable URLs. Additional attributes such as description, keywords, author fields and extensible metadata help you boost search engine visibility even further.   

Powerful Taxonomies

Digital Experience Manager offers a full range of services for taxonomy and content classification. Each content item comes with standard metadata such as keywords, author, description and more, which can be extended at will.
You can also tag content or categorize it based on a centrally-managed, hierarchical terminology. All those metadata and taxonomies help editors and end users search and retrieve content, but they can also be used to create custom collections of items, sortable and filterable lists, as well as automated content retrieving and navigation.

Granular permissions

Fine-tune and control access rights down to each individual content item if needed.
Define permissions to allow which User Interface (UI), tools and components are available for each type of contributor. Display or hide content on the web site based on the user or following a pre-defined schedule. Define standard user profiles and manage them efficiently using roles.

New quickstart template-set, responsive and bootstrapped by default

A new template set using Twitter bootstrap - lighter, richer and more simple to handle by integrators - is provided by default. A set of ready-to-use bootstrap components allows integrators to build fully bootstrapped templates just by dragging and dropping components, including creating columns and rows.



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