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Future-Proof Your Customer Experience With Digital Experience Manager

Digital Experience Manager gives you an agile customizable platform that manages your entire digital ecosystem to innovate and deliver great customer experiences, foster internal collaboration and support dynamic business needs for sustainable growth.

Deliver Unprecedented Digital Customer Journey.

Digital Experience Manager (DX) is the ultimate solution for both your IT and marketing teams to work together in order to provide unprecedented digital customer experiences.

In full autonomy, Marketing Teams can: 

  • Create beautiful and efficient digital experience,
  • React to any market condition in a breeze,  
  • Deliver customer experience adapted to each channel and digital touch points,  thus ensuring your brand consistency and uninterrupted customer journey
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All the while your IT teams can:

  • Comply with your in-house security policy
  • Develop modules to extend the platform functional scope
  • Re-use their code from project to project
  • Deploy their development easily in one click
  • Leverage your existing app through powerful integration and aggregation capabilities
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Boost Engagement and Conversion Rate.

Digital Experience Manager native integration with the other Jahia products further expand your ability to collaborate on content, engage with your audience and optimize your conversion rate.

  • Marketing Factory, our AB testing and personalization software will help your better understand your audience's expectation to ptimize your conversion rates.
  • Form Factory will grant your marketing teams with the ability to create forms, all by themselves, from the simplest ones to the most elaborated.

Integrate And Optimize.

Business likes speed.

Digital Experience Manager (DX) - an open source, standards-based platform with plug-and-play architecture and pre-built accelerators - gives you the capability to deliver strong digital performance even in today's intense business environment. DX integrates well with third-party tools, legacy systems and can even begin resolving your technology debt as your ecosystem becomes coordinated and functions as a whole. 

The goal of digital enterprise today is to be frictionless, or to operate without resistance which yields maximum returns using the least amount of resources possible. With replicable, scalable, modular development (what we here at Jahia call 'Industrialization'), you can release burst iterations with rapid deployment. This allows IT and Marketing to work together more seamlessly than ever before. 

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