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Digital Experience Manager (DX)

Agile Technology Platform
Stellar Customer Experience

Future-Proof Your Customer Experience With Digital Experience Manager (DX7)

Digital Experience Manager gives you an agile customizable platform that manages your entire digital ecosystem to innovate and deliver great customer experiences, foster internal collaboration and support dynamic business needs for sustainable growth.


Increase customer value and build new markets through technology to respond, predict, influence and create the future by using known applications in new ways or by developing new solutions to meet emerging customer needs. Significant positive change to benefit your clients may be easier than you think. Innovate to lead.


Respond easily and quickly to ever-changing marketplace conditions and customer conversations by designing great customer experiences. Decrease time-to-market and investment for future projects through reusable code. Develop and deploy projects on one, many or all sites with a few clicks - including multi-lingual.

Demand Gen

Campaign impact, campaign ROI, cost per lead, web site performance. Amplify marketing efforts to drive conversion of real-time customer interest into leads and grow business with long-term relationships. Integrate well with existing technologies, provide seamless web and mobile experience.

Brand Advocacy

Extend the Demand Gen to personal experiences and customer retention and loyalty. Context-aware components based on location or customer preferences. Building great relationships with brand advocates is a high-return strategy; help your customers to share about your brand with their networks.


Third-party tools, legacy systems, start resolving your technology debt - whatever your need, DX works and plays well with other systems so your software acts as a coordinated whole. This unifies the customer journey, consolidates customer data and makes maintenance and updates smoother.


Replicable, scalable, modular development allows for burst iterations and rapid deployment. Enterprises today must operate in a streamlined way to deliver the best value for the least amount of resources. Get the most from your investments and ensure high digital performance for a frictionless, future-proof enterprise.


Innovate With Agility

Amplify initiatives to drive leads and grow business.

Innovation means finding new ways to add more value to your customer. That happens through applying existing solutions in new ways or creating new solutions to meet emerging needs. Either way, digital agility is essential to ensure your rapid response to evolving marketplace dynamics. 

Build new markets, influence your industry and predict the future through meeting your customer where they are in the lives and with your brand.  Easily extend platform functionality by building new components through Jahia Studio or, leverage code (and reduce time-to-market) by using ready-to-go modules for future projects through your private AppStore.

Proactive Customer Experiences

Make your customer the center of your organization.

Customer experience (CX) is the sum of all touchpoints through your customer lifecycle. By building intentional, strong relationships with your market, the natural outcome is increased demand generation for your solutions and, over time, brand advocacy as your customers share their experiences with their networks.

Serve your customers with personalized, context-aware content based on location, behavior patterns or stated preferences through multiple channels for a seamless experience with your brand.

By getting a 360-degree view of your customer through data capture, you can ensure not only the right message at the right time but also the right infrastructure to support that process. As your organization becomes customer-centric, internal systems must shift to accommodate. This is the heart of digital enterprise transformation - to reinvent operations to support customer engagement on every level.

Your customer should be the center of everything - your messaging, marketing, systems, infrastructure and more.  Digital Experience Manager makes that simple so you can harness the power of intentional customer experiences to drive  business growth.

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Integrate And Optimize

Business likes speed.

Digital Experience Manager (DX) - an open source, standards-based platform with plug-and-play architecture and pre-built accelerators - gives you the capability to deliver strong digital performance even in today's intense business environment. DX integrates well with third-party tools, legacy systems and can even begin resolving your technology debt as your ecosystem becomes coordinated and functions as a whole. 

The goal of digital enterprise today is to be frictionless, or to operate without resistance which yields maximum returns using the least amount of resources possible. With replicable, scalable, modular development (what we here at Jahia call 'Industrialization'), you can release burst iterations with rapid deployment. This allows IT and Marketing to work together more seamlessly than ever before. 

With DX, you can:

  • Quickly and easily publish multi-lingual websites that track and manage every step of your customer journey,
  • Extend your public-facing brand experiences with new capabilities, and,
  • Launch new global initiatives, users and content that all integrate into existing structures.

With its intuitive interface, DX requires no coding or IT skills to create or update any kind of rich content online, keeping technical training costs to a minimum and teams focused on their core business functions.

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Key Features

Digital Experience Manager is the acclaimed core platform that helps you create and deliver personalized digital experiences for your in-house staff and end-user customers. Integrate Digital Experience Manager easily with other Jahia modules - Form Factory, Portal Factory, Workspace Factory, Marketing Factory - to efficiently make the most of your platform.

Create & Manage Content:

Develop and edit content with plug-and-play functionality. Document locking prevents cross-editing. Template content and workflows while easily managing documents with robust Digital Asset Management (DAM).

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Content Collaboration:

Focus in-house expertise from any geographical location to collaborate on content. Manage content approval and distribution process with intuitive interfaces. Engage users at all levels with social business functionality (forum, blog, etc.).

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Content Distribution :

Easily publish content to multiple sites, in multiple languages, around the world with content personalized for user location. Seamless interaction and integration of omnichannel presence for effective ambient, in-the-moment marketing.

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Personalize The Content:

Personalization rules can be set based on language, region, device or profile. Use a dynamic choice list to create relevant content. Schedule content for time zones around the world. User-based permissions determine access.

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Development Tools:

Digital Experience Manager is powerful, flexible, user-friendly and scalable. It supports a variety of initiatives: websites, intranets, portals, dashboards, full-fledged content applications – including your own with Jahia Studio.

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Administration Tools:

Site(s) management, content virtualization (a virtual copy of a site), revision control, A/B testing, SEO, access control, search and content indexing, integration with analytics... all happen with an easy-to-use suite of tools.

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Digital Experience Manager

Helps you integrate disparate silos in your martech stack, optimize your user experience, gain agility for faster development through replicable, scalable, reusable code through the AppStore and manage multiple sites easily.


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