Jahia's solutions openess is in our DNA.

You'll be able to find in here all the solutions developed by Jahia and its partners to extend the scope our solutions and integrate them with your existing business applications and data sources.


Expose any external silos. The EDP is a core service of DX which enables developers to build bridges between DX and external repositories without copy, duplication or synchronization

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Seamlessly mount any CMIS compliant repositories such as Alfresco, Sharepoint, etc. and access them from DX directly.

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Alfresco CMIS connector

Alfresco-specific CMIS connector (for Alfresco version 4.2 and 5.0). The connector allow you to mount any Alfresco repository and easily access data from within the DX interface.

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Leverage your Marketing Automation tool from within Digital Experience Manager.

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Commerce IO

E-commerce –centric integration layer bridging digital experience and ecommerce engine / PIM/ catalog, etc.

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This connector allows you to translate your content inside Jahia with the power of GlobalLink and

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Dalim Connector

This connector allows to connect an ES DAM to your Jahia Digital Experience Manager and use DAM assets in your projects as if they were local.

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Elvis Connector

This connector allows to connect an Elvis DAM to your Jahia Digital Experience Manager and use DAM assets in your projects as if they were local.

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Salesforce Connector

Marketing Factory provides a bidirectional Salesforce integration which allows to create / update a lead in Salesforce or update the Marketing Factory profile of a contact or lead from Salesforce

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Social login integration

Seamless and widely accepted by visitors, the social login integration allows for major enrichment of the visitors profiles in Marketing Factory, bringing de facto wider personalization and analytics options.

Analytics solutions integration

Google Analytics module for Marketing Factory allow for a 1-click deployment of the tags and send every event related to any given personalization and / or AB test to your prefered analytics solution.


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