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Your bridge to Unified COMMERCE experiences

Combine insights and content with commerce to deliver a rich
and adaptive customer shopping experience. 


Jahia Commerce Factory

Commerce Factory is a next-gen e-commerce solution that extends your brand through product presence and sales by delivering intelligent, personalized customer experiences.

Unified Shopping / Buying Experience

From acquisition to purchase, you can provide your customers a unified experience that leverages existing commerce infrastructure, digital marketing insights and content. The combination of content and commerce delivers a simplified, streamlined shopping and buying journey.

Adaptive Commerce

Adjust the customer journey for greater cross-sell with targeted recommendations based on previous behavior as well as highlighting best-selling products by segments and more. The freedom to experiment, test and optimize helps you create, streamline and personalize new promotions, pricing, packaging and offers.

Future-Proof Commerce

Designed for faster time-to-commerce with rapid integration of existing apps, systems, platforms. Future-proof marketing-led innovation supported by a robust backend. Gain agility and flexibility with this open source, standards-based, integrated commerce stack.

Reduced Development and Maintenance Costs

Drastically lower the usual integration and development costs. No longer do you have to choose between content management and e-commerce functionality; with Commerce Factory, your content, data and ecommerce are united.

Faster Innovation

Speed is a market differentiator; time is your most valuable commodity. Shorten your project lifecycle means going to market faster with rapid time-to-innovation as a result of lightweight component development, customization and reusability across acquisition and commerce experiences.

Coherent Environment

Unified technologies work easily together and streamline your ability to customize your store without overwhelm or unnecessary complexity, making it easy to start and then grow your store over time as needed.

From Acquisition to Purchase

Seamlessly combine data and commerce for a rich experience.

A subscription offering that combines content management capabilities (Digital Experience Manager) with data-driven insights (Marketing Factory) with a robust ecommerce framework (Commerce Factory) to translate content to personalized customer commerce for increased conversion in just a few clicks. 

When Commerce Factory is combined with Marketing Factory, the customer’s navigation and behavior is captured, including: orders, product views, interests and preferred categories. Events related to login / logout are noted to help understand the customer's behavior so the merchant can identify purchasing patterns and optimal promotion timing, and then build merchandising campaigns based on that information. 

You can also set goals on pages, such as number of views or purchases, in order to build personalization for product suggestions based on the customer's history and their buying tendencies.  Machine-learning components provide your customers with additional products they might be interested in, which maximizes your cross-sell and upsell capabilities.



Easy to use

Technical skills not required.

Enjoy a ready-to-use, comprehensive and international-ready framework to easily customize your store with a complete product management interface - even without technical know-how.

The reality is that high-end platforms are typically expensive (to purchase, deploy, integrate and maintain), offer unnecessary bells and whistles and, yet, lack some of the most basic features of modern digital merchandising. Cloud-based shops do well for small- to medium-sized businesses but are not enough for enterprises that offer high-end commerce or require highly customized configuration. Mid-range platforms are typically written in PHP, which creates integration challenges, while others are mostly pure APIs so integration is expensive and support is thin. Even more, when content and commerce are in two different systems, you miss having a 360-degree view of your customer.

The good news is that Commerce Factory addresses all of these issues by leveraging existing or third-party systems without heavy custom integration. The powerful assocation of Digital Experience Manager and Commerce Factory's modern, highly scalable commerce engine, based on NoSQL and micro-services architecture, means a coherent environment with user-friendly, intuitive interfaces. Content and commerce is smoothly integrated and you have the full picture of your customer and their buying journey.



Key Features


Commerce Factory Is A First

As the first Java-based commerce solution that is fully integrated with user experience platform available on the market, the component-based approach with Digital Experience Manager makes your e-commerce evolution much easier. It works for a variety of shops - from fully-automated shops to custom micro-sites and heavy content-rich commerce experiences.

Commerce Factory is a module that installs on top of Digital Experience Manager and offers two main aspects: 1) the back office, where you manage the store, products, payment configuration, merchant accounts, customer transactions, etc. and 2) a set of components and templates that store builders can use to build their own commerce store.

Visual Store-Building

Intuitive, efficient store builder experience. Use plug-and-play visual components to build your online shop, preview directly in WYSIWYG, with automated category and brand pages. It is an all-in-one integration within the acclaimed Jahia DX platform that delivers a robust user experience.

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Content / Commerce Sync

Seamless mix of catalog-based pages, custom commerce pages and editorial content. Enrich content at the PIM level or directly in Jahia DX. Leverage third-party DAMS or other systems to enrich products without heavy custom integration. Component-based approach of Jahia DX makes evolution far easier.

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Manage Products Globally

Commerce Factory handles all product types, whether physical or downloadable / virtual products. Automated faceting on all product categories. Global commerce with multi-lingual experience (stores, interface, catalog, products, categories, promotions, etc.) and multi-country (taxes, region specifics, currency).

First-Class Merchant

Manage advanced couponing, up-selling and cross-selling tools, category-based automated multi-faceting, Wishlist, multi-images per SKU, shipping and payment, invoice printing, manage orders and returns, transaction search and more.

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Ultra-Fast Catalog

Based on ElasticSearch, Commerce Factory is compatible with Jahia DX, HTML5 front-end and native apps. Showcase your brands, products and categories and brands with multi-media features and personalized content.

Customizable & Extendable

API, integration with third-party providers. Fully customizable templates. Integration with external shipping, tax and stock management services. Users and permissions management.

Personalized Purchase Experience

Easily build personalized shopping experiences based on purchase history (aka, ‘machine learning’ for predictive suggestions based on previous buyer behavior). When combined with Marketing Factory, you have infinite drill-down analytics to build campaigns and promotions based on data-driven insights.

Engagement & Store Analytics

In-store analytics dashboards (users, sales, products). Personalized purchase experience through Marketing Factory integration and behavioral marketing. Machine-learning based recommendations (such as frequently bought items, best sellers, most popular, etc.).

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Simple Integration

A powerful ready-to-use API makes it easy to integrate your store with your custom business projects. Unified modular design allows advanced interaction with the Digital Experience Manager platform, as well as Marketing Factory and Portal Factory.


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