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Customer-Centric Focus Drives Transformation

Transform your digital enterprise from the outside in, with your customer as the true focal point of all systems, using Jahia products and solutions.


Jahia Digital Experience Management vision arms you for digital success.

Jahia Digital Experience Manager forges a new partnership between CMOs and CIOs - between Digital Marketing and Digital IT -  to gain digital agility and make your customer experience your lasting competitive advantage. Digital Experience Manager enables CMOs and CIOs to make every customer interaction a brand win - mobilizing the right content and orchestrating the right brand experience across all touchpoints in your organization and throughout the customer lifecycle.
Proactively transform your business for digital innovation and leadership.




Commerce Factory allows you to create and manage easy-to-build, advanced online stores with a complete product management interface to extend your brand and relationships - from acquisition through purchase. Read more 


Leverage complete customer profiles through real-time, infinite ‘drill down’ analytics with cross-reference capabilities to create promotions, automated marketing and personalized conversations with customers. Read more 


Create multi-step, multi-language, multi-conditioned and validation-ruled forms that include built-in "backs" and "forwards" actions. Read more 


Digital Experience Manager gives you an agile customizable platform that manages your entire digital ecosystem to innovate and deliver great customer experiences, foster internal collaboration and support dynamic business needs for sustainable growth. Read more


 With Experience Cloud, CMOs and CIOs can invest in innovation rather than infrastructure to gain digital agility now. Read more


The Experience Factory supports developers by providing easy access to the development side of Digital Experience Manager for faster, smoother productivity and seamless deployment of projects on your environments. 


Provides complete solutions for customer extranets, sales, HR and other employee portals. Leveraging shared content, context and Digital Experience Manager’s powerful integration services. Read more


A leading-edge, open-source digital workplace that powers your in-house teams to effectively streamline projects, content marketing initiatives and operations, as well a surface opportunities and optimize ‘group-think’ capability. Read more


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