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Your customers are complex.
Their experience doesn't have to be.


Combining Content + Data together, our Digital Experience Platform (DXP) delivers true personalization and optimization, ensuring you can test, profile, evaluate, and improve your content using only the most up-to-date customer data. 

With an unparalleled level of flexibility and connectivity, ensuring our solutions can be adapted to suit your needs, Jahia cuts through the noise (and long implementation cycles) to Make Digital Simpler.

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Personalize, Innovate, Transform.

Create exceptional digital experiences with Jahia

Drive Content
Quickly create, localize, and share great content that engages and converts visitors, all through one centralized platform. Ensure brand consistency everywhere.
Personalize Every Experience
With omni-channel personas that follow your customers, you’re always delivering GDPR-compliant, one-to-one user experiences. Then further optimize content and design using analytics and A/B testing.
Integrate and Build
Connect all of your apps, systems and tools together to craft your ideal marketing technology stack, using our API-first, open source capabilities