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Accelerate and Simplify Your Digital Experiences

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With Jahia's latest update, you can bring together content and customer data to deliver engaging, personalized customer experiences faster.

Introducing Jahia Upgraded

Jahia’s ushering in a host of new capabilities so you can deliver simpler, quicker digital experiences all powered by your data. Let our team show you why we're so excited!


Take Your Digital Experiences Further

Jahia Upgraded gives you the scale, flexibility, and support to easily create and launch digital experiences globally.


Intuitive User Interface

A More Intuitive UI

Our enhanced UI is designed to empower your marketers in their day-to-day activities.

targeting and personalization

Enhanced Customer Data

Increase conversion rates and the effectiveness of your campaigns with a full 360 view of your customer.

Jahia stackConnect

Always Be Connected

StackConnect has 400+ out-of-the-box connectors to choose from so you can work with your best-of-breed tools.

More Efficient

A more intuitive user experience, paired with new capabilities such as augmented search and Siteimprove integrations, ensure that you and your team are accomplishing more in less time.


More Personalized

Jahia stackConnect and automated workflows connect all of your digital touchpoints and enhance your customer data. Delivering a truly personalized experience has never been easier.

More Agile

Behind-the-scenes improvements around Database Support, Cloud Connectivity, and Deployment won't just make your technical team happy - your customers will notice the difference.


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