Go Headless With Jahia

Get Started In Only Four Easy Steps!

With Jahia, you can build the most modular, open-source Headless CMS on the market. Powered by GraphQL, and with cloud-optional support, see how easy it is to get started building your own customized app in only four steps!

Step 1: Get Jahia Up and Running In Minutes

In only a few minutes, you can get your own jContent instance cooking on your computer. No credit card required.


Step 2: Build Your First App and Start Creating Content

Step 3: Create Your Own In-Context Edit Mode

Including real-time preview!

Yes, it's really that easy

Step 4: Go Deeper

Now that you've got the basics, you can start:

  • Delivering personalized content with privacy by design!
  • Performing queries, building extensions, and creating custom schemas
  • Further expand your digital experience
Start Personalizing Content Create A Custom GraphQL Schema

Get Help From The Community


Want to Accelerate Your Progress?

Jahia offers in-house support, training, and other resources to help you get on your feet and running in record time!

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