Personalized Digital Experiences for Software Buyers

Increase revenue across your business using targeted customer journeys

Engaging B2B customers is hard — you need to have the right data and seamless integrations to deliver an experience that catches their attention. The Jahia Digital Experience Platform (DXP) empowers marketers to build a well-connected martech stack that combines content with customer data so you can generate more leads, create more engagement, and increase customer satisfaction. And of course, we use our own technology at Jahia. See the details for yourself in our on-demand demo of Jahia DXP.


Increase Engagement

With Personalized Customer Journeys

Jahia gives you the power to deliver content based on each individual customer’s journey. Customize based on segmentation, individual profiles, or static lists. Then launch content and evaluate it with A/B Testing and real-time analytics before optimizing it based on the resulting data. The end result is a tailored user experience where customers feel personally connected to your brand.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

With Industry-Leading Integrations

Every business’ needs are unique, and your martech stack has grown to meet them. With over 400 connectors to choose from, Jahia can easily fit into whatever shape your stack has become, bringing its unique personalization and data management capabilities along for the ride. This means your customers will always receive consistent, high-quality experiences no matter where or how they engage with you.


Grow Revenue

And Take Control of Your Brand

Whether you are doing business in one country or one hundred, Jahia’s platform can help you deliver a consistent brand experience across all your digital touchpoints. With Local Site Manager, along with Multi-Site and Multi-Language capabilities, every website can have customized content specific to their audience. Paired alongside an intuitive user interface and drag-and-drop capabilities, it’s never been easier to bring your entire brand under one roof.

jExperience DXP

Features to Empower YOU, the Marketer:

Omni-Channel Delivery

Deliver content wherever your prospects and customers are to drive leads from every channel possible.

Integration Hub

Connect all of your marketing technology systems together to share data, improve content, and unify all of your marketing activities.

360° Customer View

View customer profiles that are automatically updated and consolidated in real-time with lead scoring, goal tracking, and complete event capture.

Dynamic Segmentation

Create enhanced visitor profiles, score and segment your audiences along socio-demographic, behavioral, and/or custom properties.

Data Integrity

From GDPR to CCPA and beyond, Jahia is designed to help you stay compliant with the latest in data privacy laws.


Whether you’re talking to local businesses or multi-national organizations, you can optimize the sites they see with region-specific content and translations.

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