Certification Exam On-site 4 hours exam

This exam allows Jahia developers to get one skills and competences recognized by vendor and gain the official Jahia Certification. This exam covers the following points :

  • Module creation
  • Content definition
  • Components views development
  • Query components creation and usage
  • Bound components creation and usage
  • Content template creation and usage
  • Ability to answer Jahia DX software design questions

Beyond the end result, enforcing Jahia DX development best practice is also taken into account for evaluation.

Duration 4 hours 
Prerequisite To pass the exam, it is necessary for the developer to have acquired the skills corresponding to the basic online training, the template development training and the advanced developer training.
Mode On-site
Validation Exam included Offical Jahia Developer Certification
Pricing and conditions CHF 300 ($300) (200€) per developer - 5 developers max per session. Travel expenses and accommodation are not included in the training tuition.
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