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Pricing for Annual Subscriptions

Enterprise distributions of the Jahia products are only available to our customers through Annual Subscriptions: for each enterprise distribution, Jahia provides a subscription that works like an insurance, with no license cost.

On Premise Annual Subscription per Unique Production Environment Pricing
(Per JVM and Per Year, 3 seats inc.)
On Premise DX Subscription $ 24, 990
  + On Premise Marketing Factory Subscription (Customer Data Platform included) $ 12,990
  + On Premise Form Factory Subscription $ 3,990


Seat corresponds to a granted access for an identified user to Jahia DX Management/Administration/Authoring interfaces. By default, an Annual Subscription includes 3 seats. For pricing inquiries about additional seats, please contact


Value Added Options & Portal extensions

(Per Unique Production Environment, per Year)
-> CMIS connector $ 15,000
-> Nuxeo connector $ 15,000
-> Alfresco Connector $ 15,000
-> Dalim ES Connector $ 15,000
-> Woodwing Elvis Connector $ 15,000
-> Marketo Connector $ 20,000
-> Connector $ 20,000
-> Salesforce connector for Marketing Factory $ 5,000
-> Social Login for Marketing Factory $ 5,000
Advanced Environment options
(Per JVM and Per Year)
Advanced Stack
(Oracle database, IBM Websphere, JBoss, MS Active Directory)
$ 3,990
Active failover for a related Production Instance

25% per mirrored production JVM

(all options included)

(Per Unique Production Environment, per Year)
Specific Terms & Conditions $ 8,000
24/7 on Production Environment $ 15,000

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