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Chief Executive Officer

Elie Auvray

Elie Auvray, Co-Founder and CEO of Jahia Solutions Group SA, is a seasoned software entrepreneur with nearly 20 years in the industry. He founded his first software company, Voice, at age 22 to pioneer easy-to-use web applications with Vivendi Group as their first customer; in 1999, it merged with a company of the former President EMEA of Cisco to create a global software provider, Reef Internetware. As General Manager for Reef France, Elie’s initiative resulted in exceeding sales objectives for seven consecutive quarters, built the first U.S. sales team in San Francisco and led the Europe Presales organization which developed the company's Partners network. Reef successfully raised 85 million euros from international venture capitalists (Goldman Sachs, 3i, Viventures) and the company  was finally acquired by Mediasurface in 2002.

Elie has a Master of Business & Tax Law from the University of Paris 2 (Panthéon - Assas), a Masters Degree in Contract Law, Major in IT Contract from the University of Paris 5 (René Descartes) and is a graduate from the Business Law Institute (IDA) of the University of Paris 2 (Panthéon – Assas).


Senior Vice President, Product Development

Stéphanie Rouaud

Stéphanie has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. She leads the delivery of Jahia’s new product generation as well as the maintenance of the existing ones. Stéphanie provides leadership, management and direction to the Research and Development (R&D) staff. Prior to her role as Software Development and Quality Assurance (QA), Stéphanie created and managed Jahia’s Service and Support department where she set up all processes and operational procedures. Prior to joining Jahia in 2006, Stephanie worked as a project manager at CGI and Reef Internetware in Montreal, Canada.

Stéphanie is French and Canadian and holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering from the French School of Electronic and Information Technology (EFREI).

General Counsel & SVP Human Resources

Isabelle Garcin

Isabelle is Jahia’s General Counsel and SVP Human Resources.  She joined Jahia to develop the Legal and Human Resources infrastructure for sustainable growth, building from the strengths and values at Jahia: a collaborative, open source culture, a commitment to excellence and quality using digital agility.

Prior to joining Jahia, Isabelle has worked as Regional Counsel at the international headquarters of U.S. high-tech and Nasdaq listed companies: Citrix (application delivery) and Harmonic, Inc (video delivery) where she managed cross-cultural teams, established legal and human resources processes and negotiated master agreements with key industry players. 

Isabelle started her career in the early day of internet in Europe at Reef Internetware in Belgium where, as Legal Director, she led four rounds of financing, including seed, for a total of EUR 80 million and completed six cross-border acquisitions (three in Europe, three in the U.S.) for a total of $30 million. As HR Director, Isabelle set up the HR infrastructure and supervised hiring the first 100 employees. 

Isabelle is Certified Attorney at Law from Paris Bar, holding two Master degrees from University of Pantheon-Assas and a post-Master's degree in Contract Law. She graduated from ESCP Europe (with a Specialized Master in International Business Law and Management) and attended the Economics and Finance graduate program at Sciences-Po Paris.

Vice President, Business Development EMEA

Stéphane Monier

Stéphane Monier joined Jahia in 2007 and is responsible for anticipating internet technology trends to address the needs of Jahia’s customers and partners, delivering global solutions and creating long-term value for all parties involved. He is focused on customer satisfaction and is known for his passion for technology and what it can do for customers.

He has more than 15 years’ experience in the software industry, primarily in enterprise content management (ECM) and ITIL-related software (which focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business). Stéphane developed his technical expertise through his work as an engineer in software development and software delivery in environments ranging from internet start-ups to large corporations, such as Hewlett Packard.

Stéphane holds a Bachelor (Hons) in Computing & Informatics from University of Plymouth, UK, and a Master’s Degree in Information & Knowledge Systems Engineering and Management from the University Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris, France.


Chief Software Architect

Thomas Draier

Thomas Draier is the Chief Software Architect (CSA) as well as a Co-Founder of Jahia Solutions Group SA. He has more than 15 years of experience in developing internet-based software and business process management solutions in various technologies. His history includes building high-visibility, mission-critical applications for organizations such as the European Parliament and French Ministry of Finances. He now manages the global software architecture and oversees the implementation of chosen standards and frameworks. In 1996, Thomas co-created Voice with Elie Auvray, pioneering easy-to-use web application development. Thomas joined the CTO office of Reef Internetware after the company merger in 1999.

Thomas is currently a committer at the Apache Foundation and member of the Project Management Committee (PMC) for the Apache Jackrabbit Project (Content Repository reference implementation) on which the Jahia platform is built.

Thomas holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science, Major in Artificial Intelligence from the French University of Paris 6 (Pierre et Marie Curie).


Vice President of Support

Michel Romy

Michel is a Co-Founder of Jahia Solutions Group SA as well as the Jahia project before the creation of the group. He has more than 17 years’ experience in enterprise software, including key leadership positions in project management, account management and professional services.

Michel is a passionate and motivated leader, taking great pride in recruiting talented customer-focused individuals.

Prior to Jahia, at age 26, Michel co-founded another Swiss content management company known as Xo3. Xo3 received significant external funding before the company was purchased.

Michel is 99% Swiss and holds a degree in System Information from the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Chief Technology Officer

Serge Huber

Serge Huber is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Jahia, and Co-Founder of Jahia Solutions Group SA as well the Jahia project before the creation of the group. With more than 15 years’ experience in developing web content management (WCM) and content management system (CMS) solutions in various technologies, his history includes building high-visibility, mission-critical applications for organizations such as the French government, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne and Garmin. He now oversees the future development and evolution of Jahia’s software and manages the interaction with open source communities such as the Apache Foundation, where he is a committer for the Apache Jackrabbit Project.

In 1999, Serge co-created Xo3-MyComponents and acted as the CTO until a buy-out allowed the creation of Jahia. Previously, he built high-performance extraction tools for the Visible Human Project to help physicians visualize parts of the human body with real-time augmented reality software.

Serge is Swiss and American and holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology.

Vice President, Technical Consulting

Tarek Elachkar

Tarek Elachkar joined Jahia in 2007. He is now in charge of the Global Professional Services Team. After working for Publicis as a web developer, in 2001, he started a content aggregation company. He  then moved to technical consulting for five years before joining Jahia.

Tarek is passionate about technology, loud music (of almost any kind), Korean movies (even though he thinks they are turning a bit too mainstream these days) and his wonderful three children.

He graduated in 1997 from ENSIIE a French Computer Engineering School.



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